Test Chamber – Far Cry 4’s Escape From Durgesh Prison DLC

Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner and Tim Turi take a look at the newest DLC for Far Cry 4: Escape From Durgesh Prison.


  1. ArtisticLooney says:


  2. Jeffrey Jay Aponte Rivera says:

    "Unlike AC DLC you need to have the season pass for this" umm I'm pretty sure you needed the season pass for AC too to play the DLC guys.

  3. Henry Gillespie says:

    Maybe play it on a pc, so you don't have such long loading times and wingsuit fails.

  4. Henry Gillespie says:

    So hard to watch. You die so much.

  5. Eirikur says:

    So it's more like, escape a bell tower to an extraction point on the map you've already explored and do everything you've already done but this time you get time for it?
    I mean, I could do this in the game now without buying the DLC… All I need is a stopwatch.
    This adds nothing new? Why would anyone buy this?
    I could literally make this in the map editor.

  6. angel crespo says:

    this is the same thing only with a little story. but its all the side missions. it feels lazy. 

  7. angel crespo says:

    but thanks game informer for letting me know if i should get it, so "like"

  8. Fallopian Effect says:


  9. JuFro743 says:

    "it ended up being a good year for games." – Reiner, ever the optimist, no matter how wrong.

  10. Prince Kannah says:

    Commander in Cheeks.

  11. 19Neirda says:

    This DLC is a shame…

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