STILL THE BEST NINJA!! | Far Cry 3 Funny Moments

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Music used:
Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

A Day in the Sun – Machinimasound

Poltergeist – Machinimasound

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Prabal Shah says:

    The guy looks like hanzo with the bow and tattoo

  2. Ahmad Aljaghassy says:

    "Im Batman" omg this is so funny

  3. demon slayer we die together says:

    Me to I am in love with it

  4. PowPowBoss says:

    Turned my captions on!
    5 4 3 OUT OF NOWHERE!

  5. The Mini-mistros says:

    Jack plz reply

  6. Lord Schmuk The Unbeatable says:

    anyone from 2021! huh? no one?
    dammit wrong timeline again!

  7. Javed Rana says:

    did you know my name is tiger so don't say mean things about tigers

  8. Lynn Buske says:

    Wwatching 2017?

  9. lpssparkles200 life says:

    awwwww baby jack 😢

  10. Golden Gear says:


  11. john smith says:

    awesome video i subscribed

  12. Md. Fazlur Rahman says:


  13. Mystical Terror122 says:

    He drives better in this than GTA5

  14. Me me big boy says:

    me me big boy

  15. Conor Power says:


  16. Laura Wormuth says:

    stop doowing it

  17. killa California says:

    I used to use the red dot on my bow but then I changed it to the marksman and I hardly ever miss like it's super accurate bro trust me!!,

  18. TheMainataur says:

    who is watching this at 15 million subs ?

  19. Heinzlasereye says:


  20. tensiveplace22 no says:

    get the dsr50 and the vetor

  21. Toxic City says:

    watching in 2017 👌✌

  22. Frantic Kenny says:

    my fav game to!!!!!!!!!!! best ever omg! Vaas is BAE XD

  23. Paul Skoglund says:

    Watch I will eat your ass pop

  24. JackSepticBoss From Bossatronia says:

    I have farcry3 asswell 🤑

  25. The Griffalo says:

    Love you

  26. TONY_SQUAD says:

    jack should do this again soon but with oculus rift

  27. ELECTRO X says:

    im sad that the enemy uniform was removed after finishing the game

  28. erica joseph says:

    just shoot

  29. lisa Taylor says:

    im in 2017 too!

  30. ill be be back says:

    I play this on 360

  31. BLAIR Collins says:

    how do you get a bow

  32. ERA Elk Products says:

    hey jack you should do survivil hunter on the forest

  33. Logan Jones says:

    jack can you play playerunknown

  34. Krystle Promnitz says:


  35. Mitchell Ballard says:

    subscribe for 2017

  36. Purple Boy132 says:

    Who"s watching this in 3201. the year

  37. bla bla poot moovee 7 says:

    What is your favorite

  38. dragonislit m.cepeda says:

    I watched it 2081

  39. Marnes en Johanne Hinsbeeck says:

    Im watching it in 2017

  40. xXOreoChucklezXx says:

    Far Cry 3 is still the best Far Cry.

  41. oscar blogs and pics says:

    Jack 2016 "ooops i threw a granade"

  42. Kathy Craddock says:

    Ninja jacksepticeye

  43. Michele Cordery says:

    I finely got the game

  44. notfamousguy ! says:

    how many skills does jse have

  45. afrikaanse boer says:


  46. Justine Miranda says:

    Jacksepticeye can you loan me A Xbox 360 and fry cry three

  47. Raye Pate says:

    Jacksepticey: why do you suck. Me: like you ooooo

  48. Minecraft Pro says:

    Favourite YouTube ever

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