SplitScreen – Far Cry 4 – Co Op Campaign #1

DoubleO88 (Ollie) and MarcusGarlick (Marcus) take on the world of Kyrat and the sociopathical Pagen in Far Cry 4’s multiplayer online campaign mode! Subscribe for more episodes!

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  1. That Assassin says:

    not on split screen too people sending gameplay back to each other make it look like split screen 

  2. Alejan says:

    Split FAGGOT… lol

  3. No Thanks says:

    Fuck you not split screen FUCKKKKKKKKK YOUUUUU LIAR

  4. FelixDman Felix says:


  5. Prof. Awesome says:

    There is neither Splitscreen nor a Coop Campagne!

  6. Raw Tee says:

    in co-op BTW
    you can buy a gun go pick up another weapon, sidearm etc. so your partner can pick it up for free….
    nice trade off.

  7. Raw Tee says:

    even better..
    have a partner that has all the guns,
    Have him/her pick up another firearm and you can then get it for free

  8. Raw Tee says:

    there IS NO SplitScreen in fry Cryin' #4 : )

  9. TheAverageJoe Show says:

    How fucking dumb are we. split screen this is co op you asshole

  10. Father Loutermilch says:

    Damn YouTube names

  11. Taiga Airsoft says:

    Don't title the video Split Screen Far Cry Four if there isn't split screen.

  12. Trvp Kap says:

    Yeah fuck your channel. This isn't split screen or campaign.

  13. TheARTVIDEO360 says:

    Fuuuuuuck this channel and that's fuuuckin video and your fuckin bla bla bla and hahahaha you must crying for yourself mother fuck, why you named this a fuckin split screen video, and lying to people for watching this video , i put now a dislike and report, you happy now? i'm never ever subscribe in your fuckin channel of shit

  14. Gr3g0 H.p says:

    So you just tryina get alot of views for your channel eh… cause u def aint tryina help us out

  15. Erick Perez says:

    yeah i need help

  16. Corrupted Gamers says:

    dislike it it works

  17. Mohamed Ziad Naceur says:

    how we spilt screen please tell me i need to knew

  18. Daryl Dominic says:

    this is not splitscreen stupid

  19. Ryan B says:


  20. UberTrojan says:

    People are confused by your name with the gameplay lol

  21. KidSniper 66133 says:


  22. greyson w1 says:

    not splitscreen

  23. TechBug All In One says:

    such an idiot…

  24. Dante Sp says:

    Y u lying you mile before cereal peice of shytw

  25. Ahmed Amin says:

    guys is it 2 player or online

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