Potential Hack on PSN Leaks Customer Info – Button Bash

erpTrolling are a hacker group started in 2011 who have used Twitter to organise various DDoS attacks on major websites, including PayPal and Visa. Apparently they aim to attack major companies that they perceive as being money hungry, and they’ve recently struck again. Or, at least, they claim to have – it could all be a lie, and I do question the credibility of “DerpTrolling”.

The official trailer for Destiny’s first expansion ‘The Dark Below Prologue’ has been posted to Destiny’s YouTube account. The expansion lets you ‘Expand your Destiny adventure’ with new weapons, armour, multiplayer arenas, a new strike, a new raid, new story missions and quests and a higher light level. Light can now get to level 32, which is only 2 higher than the current cap of 30, but is still probably going to take a long ass time.

Turtle Rock Studios, the developers of multi-player only, 4v1 title Evolve, told IGN yesterday that all post-release downloadable maps will be completely free of charge. The game’s creative director, Phil Robb, said that the decision was made in order to avoid breaking up the game’s community, quite like the original Left 4 Dead did with the introduction of Left 4 Dead 2.


  1. mormegil231 says:

    It also be that Sony are lying to save face…

  2. MiG Ren E' says:

    Great channel..Keep it up…

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