Hey everyone for this review I take on Plague Road for the Playstation 4 its also out on Playstation Vita and Pc/Steam. This is a rogue lite with a great art style and a tactical battle system. The game has a neat premise but I feel like it just missed the mark overall.

This game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Rickard Reyes says:

    Wow that art looks pretty nice, I love these types of games, like fire emblem, advance wars. Great review!

  2. pepsicolazero says:

    Hey are you getting the snes classic ?

  3. XxHordakxX says:

    Jim Sterling (Gaming YouTuber) is involved, somehow ^^ He is the Narrator

  4. Wesley Landon Woolsey says:

    Imagine if there was a game made about Nostradamus during the Black Plague!

  5. Michael McQuaid says:

    SO glad you pointed out not getting experience for battles. That's a very important thing to note. Thanks for the heads up

  6. Cold|Soul says:

    Well man, Been recommended your videos several times and watched a few. Subscribed now. Keep up the good fair reviews.

  7. Almozayaf Roman says:

    Is that like Darkest Dungeon

  8. rainbowthrustars says:

    God damn dude you crank out one great review after the other!

  9. VideoGameVictims says:

    If you don't get experience from the random battles, how do you level up your characters? Is there another method of increasing the strength or your units? I would like to understand the main progression mechanic before deciding to purchase or not.

  10. King Paramecium says:

    Thank you for this review. I was very interested in this game with no information other than that I loved the art style. I appreciate your reviews for their balance of honesty towards the game's flaws but still enthusiasm for its perks. Sometimes you really have to weigh the two or you'll miss out on a cool experience.

  11. Juston Stephenson says:

    FYI you are my man for all my rpg info before I buy a game! thank you 😀

  12. jet the Otaku says:

    I legitimately want to know if darkest dungeons Game work on this cause they seem alike

  13. Ezkimo 6 Music says:

    This looks great, very similar to Muramasa

  14. LoveGamesGR says:

    Hello, I was planning to get the limited run release(will be available next Friday)It will cost me 40$, because the shipping cost for England is 15$, but now im thinking about it. According to your review the game is not good, it doesn't worth 40$, right?
    Also the fact that you cant level up your team(only the main character) is not something that I like, I had high hopes for this,shame !

  15. ducati5758 says:

    Awesome review, love your vids! Just subbed, keep it up!

  16. ClockFink says:

    Informative as always, thanks for the advice!

  17. Johny Blaze says:

    Wtf Doc Is Chakan Cousin Or Somethin? Hhaahahah. P:)

  18. Mat Dub says:

    Good review. I almost bought it because it looks so good. After your review i am glad i refrained. Thanks.

  19. MHKeenani says:

    Love how you review all the Limited Run games. Not sure if that's by design, but it got my sub!

  20. Viking II says:

    That console interface is hurting my logic, consoles are killing entire genres! How could you play strategy, fps, rpg, adventures, or any isometric style on consoles? also without mods! Can't understand that kind of people, never. Damn, how can you live like that?

  21. Federico Pinci says:

    later on today July 25 the physical release goes on sale on limited run… still I like the game graphically but I can't put my finger on it… it looks kinda boring… all screenshots I see look more or less the same isn't it?

  22. Igor Kolosha says:

    This game looks awful.

  23. Doll Face says:

    I like the art style but the colors just throw me off. There's just too much puke green going on.

  24. CornshaqGaming says:

    Hey everyone thanks for watching 🙂

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