Metal Gear Solid 3 PCSX2 1080p @ 60fps [ Widescreen Hack ] Sound fixed ( REupload )

Reuploading this because Utube suddenly placed a copyright strike on my other MGS3 video and threatened to close my channel if I didn’t remove it, fkn great Jewtube keep at it!
Playing MGS3 on the pc with the pcsx2 emulator. Since Yewtube limits the vids to 30 fps you can’t see how smooth it feels while playing, so I highly recomend playing it if you enjoy games in general.
Enjoy and leave any questions you may have in the comment section about the configs I used or my pc specs and I will reply ASAP, and feel free to rate if you enjoyed ;D
Thank you for watching!

Direct3D11 Hardware, Texture Filtering
Internal Resolution: 1920×1080 (Native is 512×448)
EE =1
VU= 0
Automatic Game Fixes on

Fix the audio:
-Plugin Settings…;
-Set “Interpolation” to “1 – Linear”;
– and change “Synchronizing Mode” to “Async Mix”.
– PLAY THE FKN GAME M8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PCSX2 1.2.1 :


  1. cyborg bass says:

    my email is please!!! send the link

  2. Flip Janson says:

    PCSX2 is free. Do you really have to torrent it? The BIOS I can understand.

  3. Craig Robinson says:

    Please can you do a screenshot of your actual video settings as even though I am runnign a high spec rig (i7 @4.4ghz 32gb ram and GTX660Ti SLI) I seem to be getting some bad slow down (less than 30fps) in some areas.
    If you can please email me on or upload and link here – Your help and time is massivley appreciated!

  4. Alex Marciniak says:

    I have a beefy system, two 780tis, i7 cpu, ,OC, etc.  but this game seems to really push it.  if there is one thing on that list that is an absolute must, its changing the audio to "async"..  if you don't every little frame drop will make the dialogue sound like said person is entering the matrix.  this keeps the audio sync separate from the graphical frame dips, and for some reason in this game alone, it is absolutely necessary, at least on the two systems I've run it.

  5. Austin Undeader says:



  6. suprtroopr1028 says:

    Christ, what are you aiming with? Its shaky as fuck.

  7. Metal Gear Exploits says:

    check our MGSPW hacks out

  8. German Dawidowski says:

    Do you know any way of making the cutscenes run smoother?
     the overall game runs pretty good for me but the cutscenes sometimes have fps falls and that makes the caracters speak in slo mo, in a game like mgs good cutscenes are a must¡

  9. nando1881 says:

    Lmao, first the dance of the soldier and then the little kick in the ass hahaha >.<

  10. Carlos Julier T. Cattanio says:

    How do you get 60fps? The PS2 version runs at 30fps, only MGS3 HD Collection runs at 60fps….

  11. TheMarineElite says:

    Were you using a gamepad/Playstation controller or did you map keys on the keyboard?

  12. Yoviro Soon says:

    I downloaded mgs3 sub. and Im trying to run it (pcsx 1.2.1), but for some reason it just lags the fuck out even when it say its running at 60-55 fps, I have a fx-6300/4gb ram/hd 7790… I'd love some help to make it run as you do 🙁

  13. Rozenxz says:

    Should I play MGS2 and 3 on PCSX2 or should I buy the MGS3 HD Collection? I own the ps2 games btw…

  14. Jeremy Winsor says:

    worked perfectly, thanks man!

  15. Roadhouse Reaper says:

    Hey there, thanks for this. Done all the settings exactly as you said, however I have these horizontal lines on the screen and a lot of blue artifacting…any ideas on it? First time using PCSX2

  16. Marc Albert says:

    "The crocodiles are ferocious" … no shit xD

  17. Vik Garrett says:

    Question for the uploader – how did you do the CQC thing? Seems near impossible on a non ps2/3 gamepad.

  18. Mitchell Scripter says:

    2:58 snakes face is priceless XD.

  19. RobertusWE says:

    please can you post a screen of your settings? because in some places i have low frames like 25 30.
    thanks a lot

  20. q7-l1112 says:

    I'm using these setting but I still get 19-20 fps and sound glitches just from walking around

  21. Sizzurp says:

    How the fuck did you get your controller to work!? (I'm using PCS emulator or some shit like that)

  22. Claws says:

    What pluguin of video you use? Could you give me a link to download it ? and..could you also tell me the complete configuration to run it at 60 fps ? Sorry i cant understand in the video description . If you can do serious a god to me, thank you very much and greetings from Argentina 🙂

  23. Martín Rearte says:

    Works great for me ingame, but my FPS kinda drop to 30 during cutscenes… do you have to deal with that too? :S

  24. ltaske says:

    Really nice the config but sometimes the fps drop hard my Emulator PCSX2 I think is the last Version1.4.0 it wont show some of the options in this screenshot you send maybe thats the problem? Any help you could give me thanks in advance!

  25. Zoltán Bublos says:

    Hi. How can I interrogate properly with Xbox 360 controller? Or Should I just buy a PS3/PS4 controller?

  26. Big Boss says:

    So i did everything, FPS are great, fullscreen rocks, but look at the colors, they look really weird and i dont know how to fix it

  27. Siddharth Bhandari says:

    hey I need help with controls.. my camera is stuck in one position.. and I can't do some basic things like hiding a body etc…

  28. Tristin Hamilton says:

    I have mine running well, but how did you set the controls to where you have pressure sensitivity? I always slit throats when I try not too.

  29. RAGEE45 says:

    thanks man

  30. townnet says:

    In the opening cut scene, the view of outside airplane wind shield not transparent, can't see the pilot, try many setting but can't fix it. I use latest 1.5 version.

  31. Crunchy Napkin says:

    game looks and plays great but during cutscenes it slows down, I play in windowed and the top of the window says the speed goes to 50% so kinda like slowmotion however in-game its fine, just in cutscenes this happens. Any idea how to fix?

  32. Krepp p says:

    are you using keyboard? if so can u post a pic of your control configuration. thanks a lot!

  33. Ak47 says:

    how to fix the black spots in jungle

  34. RoLliNgPaP3rS says:

    Don't see how you get it so smooth. I've tried so much and can't do it

  35. V339 says:

    As someone uploading more MGS 3 footage I have to ask what the hell got picked up for Youtube to flag?

  36. Daniel Kovář says:


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