GTA 5 2015 Benchmark – Pentium 4 672 vs Core 2 Duo E8500 (stock-overclocked) vs Core 2 Quad Q9300

GTA 5 2015 Benchmark – Pentium 4 672 vs Core 2 Duo E8500 (stock-overclocked) vs Core 2 Quad Q9300

Welcome back to my channel, this is third benchmarking video between Intel Pentium 4 672 (Gigabyte BIOS hack is used for this one so its recognized as Core 2 Duo in the Windows, I did this because it won’t run on Pentium 4 processors due to “doesn’t meet minimum system requirements” with simple BIOS hack it does), Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 and Core 2 Quad Q9300 processors.

Today I’m testing GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto 5 to see how well it goes on each of these processors.

Setup I’m using:
Pentium 4 672, Core 2 Duo E8500 and Core 2 Quad Q9300 I’m using the same motherboard which is Gigabyte GA31-ES-2L F1 motherboard with 4GB of RAM @800MHz, and NVidia GeForce N650GTX MSI-OC version, Windows 7 64bit operating system.
i3 3220 isn’t featured in this video because my friend didn’t get it ready for the benchmark.


  1. Matthew Rice says:

    whats the song

  2. Anııl ERKAN says:

    can ı play gta 5 ?
    core 2 duo e8500
    ddr3 4gb ram
    radeon r7 240 2gb ddr3
    if ı can play 30-40fps which resolution and which graphics ?

  3. Arthur Mixed says:

    why do I lag with a c2q but bot a c2d core 2 quad should suposingly be faster

  4. Norbert Kelemen says:

    Can i run GTA V with Core 2 Duo E8400 and HD 6670?

  5. Redey1290 says:

    Why is the C2Q getting 30+ dos but it still looks super choppy

  6. Usama Riaz says:

    i have core 2 quard Q9400 and 4GB of ram and 2.66GHz of processor and 1GB geforce 210 graphic card but GTA 5 runing in my system very slowly please tell me solution please

  7. Alex Kirchgessner says:

    What would you think? Should i try GTA 5?
    My Specs:
    Core 2 Duo 6600 OC 3.38 Ghz (Stock 2.44)
    4GB DDR 2 ~900 Mhz
    Radeon HD 5770 1Gb GDDR 5
    Win 7 Home Basic 64 bit Ultimate Unlocked 😀
    +AIO Watercooling ^^

  8. legotec49 says:

    What is your OverClocking tool

  9. Pike Folsom says:

    how are you running gta 5 on a pentium 4 i thought it at required at least a x64 bit cpu to run

  10. Joshua Stout says:

    not sure your configuration but I have a q6600 with only 4gb ddr2 cl6 with a max 1gb gddr5. video card and I can play 1080p at 30 fps very steady, no lag, may also be due to ssd let me know if you would like to see a clip this is on a Dell dimension e520

  11. Alex Bob says:

    Which Graphic Card are you using?And which one will be the best for Core 2 Duo E8500?

  12. Mert Dede says:


  13. pipo 23 says:

    core 2 duo e8500 is best here

  14. Divanny Almonte says:

    ningunos sirven para jugar GTA V

  15. wmar STUDIO says:

    should I buy Q6600 or Q9300

  16. lordferius says:

    interesting benchmarks

  17. Wooden PC says:

    Should I upgrade from C2D e7500 to C2Q Q6600?

  18. Ben I says:

    what modtrack tune is this? sorry to ask! i love it

  19. William McCarthy says:

    wtf is up with your footage

  20. Blue Net says:

    hey man which better between i3, core 2quad and phenom x4?

  21. Royal Eagle says:

    What is more worth it?
    C2D e8600 12€
    C2Q q6600 16€
    Q9550 38€
    Thanks for the help

  22. Jogar Gobz says:

    Q9300 has best FPS but it was lagging most…

    This is why I newer buy Intel again.

  23. le moob man says:

    Will this do will with lowspecgamer's tweaks?

    Pentium J2900
    Intel HD Graphics
    4GB RAM

    Will this run with both or either razor game booster or not?

  24. Iosub Iulian says:

    q9300 have 60 fps??? wtf. so laggy??? 🙁

  25. Darklight games says:

    4:20 this makes no sence…. pentium 4 looks completely smooth while the other cpus look like 5fps

  26. the calph glorial says:

    what s better q9400 or q9300 ? since 9400 have 2.66 ghz and the 9300 ghz..

  27. the calph glorial says:

    q9300 got 2.5 ghz

  28. Brian Mattock says:

    Please put a timer on your overlays… They get in the way ofd the monitoring data.

  29. Videogamesplus says:

    nice video

  30. DragoFTW™ says:

    not even accurate the non over clocked c2d is running smoother than the overclocked c2d and c2q

  31. NJ Sullyalex says:

    Why does everyone use this music in their Pentium 4 benchmark videos?

  32. Roshan Rex says:

    what am i doing here i have alienware X51 core i7 R3

  33. natsu Gamer19 says:

    RAM 4 GB DDR2
    Radeon HD 6450 1gb

  34. TERRIER unable says:

    can I play battlefield at medium settings with
    8gb ram
    1050ti 2gb
    and with this cpu

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