At this moment I only have
5 codes but upcoming giveaways to my subs..stay tuned for that


  1. gta freaks says:


  2. Smoking Daily says:

    Let me get that code

  3. Fishing Vlogs says:


  4. Best Rappers says:


  5. ZoquHF says:

    Heck yeah! Wouldn't mind a BF4 or Hardline code (which ever you think is better)! btw my GT is THGA n we gotta drift together soon again.

  6. Carson Daily says:

    done man lol be my legit bro I think you know who I am so if you do check your snapchat and think about who I am haha

  7. Carson Daily says:

    Haha bro remember me by my email haha or message it to me email is

  8. Sir Fox says:

    Hit me up with bo3 code please

  9. Jayden Ortiz says:

    done hmu +Jayden Ortiz

  10. kushes the blesses says:

    done email me at

  11. bo3 gamer1 says:


  12. 4 Eyed Blind Man. Bringing you random crap says: bf4 would be cool.

  13. Mudlup says:

    actually i wouldnt care what code I got as long as I got the satisfaction of actually winning something 4 once

  14. Maisam Rahmani says:

    I want bo3 or gta 5

  15. ZebraStingz says: Ill take xbox gold code

  16. Anthony Marquez says: good video bro link me with some codes g

  17. The Boss man says:

    Do u still have bo3? gmail is

  18. Marc Mckinstrie says:

    Done bro,, forza
    would be awseome

  19. Xxdestiny JasonXx says:

    ok daily i want or hope for the advanced warfare or gold

  20. Mudlup says:

    do u still have advanced warfare? plz hook me up with code man

  21. Mudlup says:

    sorry for all the comments I'm leaving, but I'm just desperate for a new game… I never received the email u sent me for advanced warfare could u plz resend it?

  22. default gaming says:

    #i subbed

  23. XxshadowXx. says:

    Done you still got Xbox live codes?

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