FarCry 4 : Gameplay on GiGabyte Nvidia Geforce GT 740 2GB GDDR5

Sry for da lag its coz of F*ckin Fraps Video Recorder

FrapsFPS:- 23 – 25
Orignal FPS:- 32 – 43

PC Spec:-
Intel Core2Duo 2.80GHz
RAM: 4 Gigs
GPU:- GiGabyte Nvidia Geforce GT 740 2gb GDDR5 Factory Overclocked
GPU Clock Default :- 1072 MHz
GPU Over Clock :- 1160 MHz

Hope u guys like it, Feel Free to Comment 😀
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  1. Gameramante says:

    What is your resolution ? and how much fps do you run without recording ? thx 
    Sorry for bad English

  2. Aleks games says:

    soundtrack please)

  3. Fowl says:

    Whats the setting when running this game? and can u try running this gpu on League of Legends? PLS 😀

  4. Dobi says:

    Hi youtube,
    So I wanna buy this game but first I'd like to know what it will run like. Plz tell me on which settings (preset) i can get what fps.
    Intel core 2 quad Q8800
    Asus gt 740 2GB
    4GB ram

  5. Ваня Решетников says:

    Use nvidia shadowplay

  6. FaZe Pyqo says:

    I gonna build my new PC :

    i5 4460

    2 x GT 740 2gd5

    8 GB ram 1866 MHz

    Psu 850 watt gold

    1 tb 7200 rpm

    Case antec one

    756.1 €

    Or even better :

    I5 4690k

    Gtx 980

    16 GB ram

    2 tb

    Psu 1000 watt platinum

    Case for 149 € full tower

    1399 €

  7. Sakib Rahman says:

    I'm using Gigabyte GeForce nVidia GT 740 OC 2GB DDR5 but i'm facing problems playing Tom Clancy's Ghots Recon Phantoms. Maybe i couldn't configured my GPU well. Can you help?

    My PC Configuration:

    Intel Core i5 4590
    8GB Ram (1600bus)
    GPU nVidia GeForce GT 740 OC 2GB DDR5

  8. Pajy says:

    can't wait to get my pc


    i have q8400 2,66ghz 4gb ram ddr2 800 , gigabyte gt740 gddr5 2gb (games mafia 2 -58fps full , btf3 48-52 ultra,nfs shift 2 34-42fps, gta4 ultra full 22fps med-high 35-44, watch dogs med set 22-28, av5 – low set 28-33 med 18-22

  10. Pajy says:

    bro respond i wanna know if i can run this game good with no recording…
    here's build

    amd fx-6300 2.5 ghz
    zotac gt 740
    8 gb crusial ballistics sport
    2 500gb hdds
    1 60gb ssd
    MSI Computer ATX DDR3 1066 NA 970A SLI KRAIT EDITION Motherboard
    430w corsair cx430m modular psu
    corsair 100r case

  11. Cody says:

    motion blur is minging

  12. ReyRey[RO] Gaming says:


  13. Cpt Overkill says:

    Can i run this game smoothly on 1080p??

    Intel Core i5-4590S 3.7 GHz
    MB Gigabyte GA-H81M-S
    8 GB RAM
    1000 GB HDD
    nVidia GeForce GT740 – 2GB

  14. Righzo D. says:

    is it better to get the geforce 740 4gb gddr5 or the 2gb gddr3? for obvious reaSONS ID CHOOSE THE 4GB BUT …is the 2gb somehow better? all the videos for preformance are on the 2gbgt740

  15. Felix Brumm says:

    Can I run it :
    Intel core 2 quad 2.40ghz
    Gt 730 4gb
    Windows (64 bit)
    8Gb RAM

  16. SWFTLY says:

    What is better, evga or the gigabyte

  17. Toxic says:

    intor music?

  18. Александр Рахов says:

    вот отличный сайт с низкими ценами сам здесь брал видеокарту и другие видеокарты от msi

  19. Zulhan_ 346 says:

    which version you're using?

  20. Adiriko Man says:

    Should I buy the GT-740 or the GTX-740?

  21. Adiriko Man says:

    I have ASUS I5 3470 4GB RAM. Can I run GTA V with a proper Graphics card?

  22. Donald Trump says:

    can I run It, i7 3.5ghz, 16gb ram, and gtx 750ti sc. I want 1080p hopefully

  23. Pulkit Singh says:

    can i run with
    intel core 2duo
    gigabyte gt 740 2GB DDR5
    3 GB RAM?

  24. Vanessa Jones says:

    You can use Shadowplay on a gt 740. Just type in Shadowplay on non supported cards here in youtube 🙂

  25. C9ft Sku11knight says:

    can I run OVERWATCH on this graphics card?

  26. Xpecs Gaming says:

    I have a GT 740 2GB 128BIT DDR5 AND I3 3RD GEN CAN I GET ATLEAST 150 FPS?

  27. احمد طارق says:

    Can i run it on core 2 duo E8500 3.16 ram 4gb gt 740 2gb ddr5

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