Far Cry Primal GAMEPLAY #5 – Beast Master

Let’s tame ourselves a wolf in today’s video 😀
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  1. British Hound says:

    Hi dogmeat!

  2. babserella2778 says:

    Given Far Cry's reputation of writing in pretty women with oft-shady motivations, I'd watch your back around Ms. Gatherer Lady.

  3. Kragos Pain says:

    Not many people have watched this episode and it has been up for hours 🙁
    I still love watching you 🙂 <3 xx

  4. Potsherd says:


  5. Niall Nicholson says:

    buzz buzz buzz buzz

  6. Saluno375 says:


  7. Lliam Davis says:

    "but wait, I have been killing wolves!"

  8. Keith Dalton says:

    was hannah saying the bow is klunky or she is klunky with the bow

  9. Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla says:

    Cw3 cwC c. D 💩

  10. Joshua Drew says:


  11. Sheld Owned says:


  12. Andrew Cassar says:

    Hannah, you gotta get Nilesey to start another Badger War!

  13. cbado says:

    12 views 681 likes

    Seems Legit

  14. . Jeedubya . says:

    Hey Hannah, you should call the wold Okami!!

  15. Dogburgle says:

    12 views and 727 likes. Go home Youtube, you're drunk.

  16. Jack MacCormick says:

    so hannah is now Azog?

  17. Stubby Lad says:

    12 views 740 likes yeah that makes sense

  18. Chau Yin says:

    I love you

  19. TheDieThrower says:

    Wait you can revive your beasts? How does one even do that?

  20. Emma Sedge Official says:

    The graphics in this game (especially for the animals) genuinely make me scared 😂

  21. Jason Hurrle says:

    honey badger are the most fearless animal that is why it is so high on the list because despite its size it'll be the best beast you own

  22. THECRB15 says:

    its not far cry without a drug trip

  23. THECRB15 says:

    "i could leave em" *proceeds to shoot everyone

  24. BlueWolf says:

    does she knowwhat the wenja are ? read book one of Emily rodder's deltora quest series and you will know they arent to be messed with

  25. WOLF_PL says:

    I have a question or Far Cry Primal go to 60 fps at low ? graphics card : Asus R7 265 series , 8 GB Ram , processor : Intel ( R) Pentinium ( R) G3220 CPU @ 3.00 GHz 3.00 GHz

  26. osb 2 says:

    Is there an online mode on this game??

  27. joezetank says:

    I'm confused, is this a full length game or a blood dragon style detraction from the main series?

  28. TheBoss says:

    You can attack with the owl

  29. HojoOSanagi says:

    I like how they took the word damsha (house, shelter) and made it into a verb. Damshamas (We build shelter). Aysh kauha Wenja damsharsh (The Wenja must build shelters). I hate how Hannah tries to say that their language is "primitive". It may lack the vocabulary that we have but its grammar isn't simple in the slightest.

  30. FlamingNacho says:

    Awesome video keep up the good work

  31. tykkeo says:


  32. KratosGamer says:

    I think you made an accidental reference to borderlands 2 "where angels fear to tread " is a mission am I the only one that picked it up?

  33. Scottie Currie says:

    When you tamed the wolf, I kinda hyperventilated because I love wolves. I named him Balto

  34. Rockapella66 says:

    Beast Master makes me think of this terrible show I used to watch in the early 2000s. The guy was hot though.

  35. smelly bum says:

    This game reminds me of Michelle Paver's: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

  36. The Ymid says:

    Is there something you can use as a way of getting across the water?

  37. TecnicStudios says:

    11:37 ah shit that made me cringe

  38. Annanymous Ren says:

    I can actually do the owl call with my hands too!…..too bad there isn't any owls to call….

  39. Creature Plays Games says:

    "I could leave them" draws arrow

  40. Wolfencreek says:

    I'm a wolf and i approve of this taming ;D

  41. Alix says:

    they cant have the game without the hell forsaken badgers

  42. Alice Green says:

    "Oh dear, you've been eating men again i see" 10/10 would say to Hannibal

  43. Lawrence Clarkson says:

    Wait, there's aspects of latin here, if you're in Italy could you possibly end up meeting Romulus / Remus?

  44. Vlad Von Carstein says:

    The Night Is dark And Full Of Terrors

  45. RinBlueFlame 123 says:

    Other people are like awesome graphics cool weapons.but here I am like I CAN TAME ANIMALS I AM SOLD!!!!!

  46. TheMontageMaster says:

    2:18 when you bet with your friend if she will shhot or not

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