Far Cry Primal First Impressions

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  1. Upsety says:

    the yawn at the end😂

  2. VizzualProphet says:

    2:22 lmao at the dude in the background freaking out

  3. Gio Pardy says:

    pokestick simulator 2016 xD

  4. Rafael Soler says:

    well after the two masterpeices of far cry 3 and 4, they are going to use the same exact animations engine, everything just in a new setting

  5. ThatManBryant Gaming says:

    Watch them sell it for $60… No MP, or Coop? smh

  6. ItsHadoX says:

    fuck you

  7. bigboi99999991 says:

    lol that's exactly what Ethos said in the podcast. If there's no dinosaurs or whatever like ARK Survival, it would be extremely boring

  8. Kieran Schafer says:

    Primal is a reskin of Far Cry 4…which is a reskin of Far Cry 3.

  9. Hugo says:

    Lowkey surprised that PETA isn't all on FarCry Primal's nuts over all the animal slaughtering, but they went the extra mile to create a bootleg Pokemon game lol

  10. Kamaron says:

    anyone know the background music?

  11. frequentgamer says:

    i dont understand the point of this game the combat sucks and the mechanics have 0 depth it looks like the whole game is just a fuckin open world demo

  12. The HQ says:

    Never a good sign when the game has you yawning fam.

  13. OH! excuse me guys, that was so rude says:

    I like this game and I will buy it when it comes out but the taming shit easy as fuck

  14. OH! excuse me guys, that was so rude says:

    Nigga u can ride the saber tooth pause tho

  15. XJT _BOSS says:

    that's real talk

  16. Nicholas Peter says:

    if this is not on previous gen then there is no reason for the graphics looking like this

  17. Nicholas Peter says:

    this was too soon after far cry 4

  18. Portablekhan69 says:

    Lol they not gon invite him to no more trips lol fuck Ubisoft lol

  19. Rhaegar Targaryen says:

    already preordered 2 copies for xbone, seriously, what Triple A games have no guns??????? Thats why im excited foir far cry!!!

  20. Guat says:

    Yo when are we getting an open world Pokemon game like holy shit everyone thinks about it and it would make mad money if done right

  21. Fresh Coast says:

    when they said that shit was gonna be in the stone age I immediately knew some fuckery was at hand

  22. Ape Color says:

    did he meet Chris Smoove?

  23. Mdizzle 96 says:

    This man gets invited to an event, shows respect to Ubisoft, then comes home and bashes it……….. Savage af

  24. Enrique Velasquez says:

    They should of added a survival factor like food, water and shelter.

  25. luis jovel says:

    what was that song you had in the background in the beginning and then later on at the end?

  26. The Dopest Asian says:

    That instrumental though. ………

  27. Scorecatron says:

    I'd rather see Ubisoft do a Far Cry game set in colonial America. All the guns would be flintlocks, so you'd have to use them sparingly.

    And yes, I know Ubisoft already made a game in colonial America. but still, I'd like to see a Far Cry: 1776.

  28. Terez Kyrios says:

    loool ubisoft aint callin you back mwn. XD

  29. Robbie Murdock says:

    shoulda just been a 30$ expansion to F4

  30. Rage Quit says:

    he did not tame by one button he threw bait and approched slowly and tamed it

  31. Hikmat Kakar says:

    you look alot like maurice jones drew

  32. Caleb says:

    I think I just found the best youtuber ever

  33. HardWarUK says:

    I can tell from many opinions like this guy that a couple million Far Cry players won't buy this game. But maybe 5 million people, like me, who have never played a Far cry game because guns and helicopters and Jeeps are boring, will buy it.

  34. HardWarUK says:

    And I never saw a preview where they said you just get this weapon at the start. Who knows what's going to be available 1/2 way in.

  35. face23bkny says:

    I'm tired of all games having pvp and guns atleast they tried sumthing different

  36. camren480 says:

    YouTubers was saying "OHHHH my god it's so NEW" is cause they got paid basically it's the same game pretty much have you guys seen the commercial?

  37. Matthew Vazquez says:

    This is why I respect tbh he's real with his words

  38. jordanmurchison says:

    Me so hot

  39. Jason Steel says:

    I thought the game was interesting because it was in the stone age

  40. Gerry Taylor says:

    I wish I saw this before I bought it… like just a minute ago.

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