FAR CRY 5 Trailer EXTENDED All Trailers (2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

FAR CRY 5 Trailer EXTENDED All Trailers (2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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FAR CRY 5 Trailer (2018)
Release Date: 2018

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  1. Miguel Fidelino says:

    Cool trailers and all, but who are they talking to? Why is this game Cities:Skylines?

  2. Sandra Rodríguez says:


  3. r2c123 says:

    Fuck Trump

  4. BuzzGaming says:

    did you mean " outlast 5 " ?

  5. American Aussie says:

    Well, Christians Shouldnt Be Getting Affected, It's Not Being Rude To
    Christians, It's More Of A Extremist Thing Not A Chirstian Thing.
    Most/All Characters Is The Trailers Are Christians. They're Trying To
    Stop The Extemist Christians.

  6. WildBunch69 says:

    Farcry, redneck edition

  7. mark kaufman says:

    im offended by the sky now #NotMySky #skymatters #skyminism

  8. SMASHED CAK3 says:

    it would be cool to see jason in the game. Maybe as some one you work with

  9. Martin Browning says:

    Russian voice is better, more brutal

  10. Dog Sunglasses says:

    that one guy looks like quin from into the badlands

  11. KingKunta 619JesusnYobooty says:

    Why doesnt ubisoft make 3d animated movies

  12. Hoyce says:

    If this game has a dogfight mode and battlefield 1 still doesn't I'm giving up on DICE.

  13. Larzz Wright says:

    the African American looks like echo from lost the TV show

  14. Alexander Robinson says:

    This game will be the only time i listen to country music. it just seems so fitting to listen to while killing zealots

  15. Alexander Robinson says:

    Honestly, the real reason im loving this game is bc of the custom character, The black Pastor, and the fly boy. everything else is just icing. Also i want some nice graphical games that fully test my PC

  16. Craig Nevermind says:

    don't put the rag on the inside of a Molotov cocktail, it can fall out and you set yourself on fire as you throw it.
    Put the rag on a bottle with the top on, and when the bottle breaks, it explodes.

  17. RenaissanceRebels says:

    Woah I love this new Outlast 2 DLC!

  18. 1üP says:


  19. no noah says:

    can't wait to get frame rate drops everytime the game spawns two NPC's

  20. Thomas Gibbons says:

    People can complain about the controversy all they want, im thinking of getting this game. In fact the controversy surrounding it makes me want it even more!

  21. Tyree Borders says:

    far cry 5 😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🎥😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😅😐😀😀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Ripikter says:

    We want the FarCry 3 Eps 2

  23. GreninjasStar says:

    You guys wanna go to Hope County?! 😊😓

  24. Justin Hart says:

    Is it coming to Xbox?

  25. Bleach Shop says:

    if there is gunna be a far cry 6 i got a feeling that theres gonna be zombie mode cause in farcry 4 car raidio the guy talks about a zombie apocalypse

  26. Martian says:

    0:57 Darth Vader confirmed

  27. DAmobilegames says:

    so it's basically ghost recon in a different place.

  28. Juan Alvarado Pineda says:

    fenomenal.! esta muy genial de serio

  29. Paul Hoon says:

    Far Cry 3 character used a machete, in 4 it was a kukri machete, and in Primal it was a stone dagger. I hope in this one it's an awesome bowie knife!

  30. Nathan Garcia says:

    I already preordered the game and got the Golden Edition

  31. Mike Hunt says:

    The main character better be that priest he's so badass

  32. Um Velho says:

    Achei bosta

  33. Vulcan Niko says:

    will far cry 5 have map editor? oh also i want hurk to be there again! and Longinus or longius? (if you people know who he is)

  34. Hakan Uygurlu says:

    trust pray obey

  35. Alan Vallejo says:

    i am not fan of farcry or ubisoft but this game looks awesome

  36. iNeedHealing says:

    ok the one in the bar with the girl got me
    is this game engine or real life!?

  37. Tim O'Neill says:

    The characters nearly brought me to tears, the pastor in particular.

  38. ntblood says:

    If this duck dynasty nazi regime ever came to be it would be the rich oligarchs leading the way.

  39. Trevor Filips says:

    Просто шедевр!

  40. Talon Ek says:

    These are so fucking cool, and I pray it will be good, but we all know Ubisoft's track record.

  41. Karoliina Hamalainen says:

    I love this game i cant wait to play on my Xbox One X love from Estonia 🇪🇪 🇪🇪 😍😍😍😍😍😍 ps4 is shit!!!!!

  42. CathyO1971 says:

    does anyone see at the end of the trailer how the guard at the steeple is using either a dead guy to hit and sound the bell or he is torturing someone LMAO i saw it and was like WTF!

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