Far Cry 5 TOO CONTROVERSIAL? – The Know Game News

Ubisoft release their big teaser image for Far Cry 5 ahead of the game’s trailer, and it’s started a whirlwind of debate online over whether the game is going too far by setting white Americans as the bad guys.


Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Gus Sorola

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  1. Worfy says:

    theirs no controversy these media and news companies have nothing to post so they try to make controversy out of anything stop beign offended by everthing far cry 5 is still going to get sales

  2. done with life says:

    gta v is in america an you get to kill americans

  3. BDUF says:

    It's sad to see people on the right crying over this because it's what they consistently bash the left for. Leftists are upset no matter who gets cast in a videogame, whether it be blacks, hispanics, asians, all men, all women, etc. By getting all upset and butthurt about a game using white people as the bad guys for a change, you're just proving that conservatives aren't as thick skinned as most pretend to be, and giving the liberal media some credit.

  4. Evan b says:

    montanan here. the landscapes look great! hopefully no downgrade this time around!

  5. Daniel Kunkle says:

    The main controversy I saw here was quoting Infowars.

    My only "gripe" about this game is would the developers have the guts to make the same game dealing with radicalized Muslims in America or was it just easier to make it about "Christians".

    I'm agnostic personally but I do follow current events and I do see a LOT of death carried out to the call of "Allah Akbar" with a regularity that you can just about set your watch to it seems.

    That said, I really don't have patience for religious zealotry of any stripe be it merely rhetoric or openly violent and I may just give this game a try. It'll be my first FarCry game I played. I take it it's more shooter in an open world than RPG like Fallout.

  6. TheThreat 2002 says:

    So as long as the villains aren't white the game is okay. As soon as the villains become white the game is racist.

  7. Christian Castro says:

    For christ sake its a video game that involves radical christians so what 😂

  8. Edgar Hernandez says:


  9. Debra Cecchi says:

    The truth hurts.

  10. Chandler .cherico says:

    every game is gunna offend sum1

  11. Mr.Kendeeman says:

    As a white, Christian, American, from the south I'm not offended because it's a video game and I know that I'm not some twisted racist.

  12. luke scarpato says:

    people need to calm down, its just a game. it seams like you cant do anything nowadays without offending people

  13. OnceUponAtimeThereWasAyoutubeUserWithAlongName 1992 says:

    Is it just me or does it seem that just about everyone is trying to jump on the offended and victimhood bandwagon nowadays?..Even neo-Nazis and Islamic terrorist are going all special snowflake on us.

  14. Raptorguy3 says:

    Everything is too controversial now.

  15. Ardhan Fadhlurrahman says:

    stop butthurting for something that doesn't matter, take that!

  16. B Baker says:

    Oh wow white religious extremists in America HMNMMMM seems impossible that would never happen and the fact it did triggers me.


  17. Yo Hi says:

    See the problem is that they are seeing them as WHITE people and not just human beings. Guarantee if this was set in Mexico with Mexicans and the Cartel there would be no controversy at all

  18. Itz Bahb says:

    2:56 what about the other far cry games

  19. Andrew O'Horo says:

    Why is it that I'm only hearing about this "controversy" from all the people reporting on it? No one is actually complaining about this game.

  20. Illuminati says:

    I don't see Germans crying that ww2 games portray nazis and evil. I don't see Muslim people crying that they are shown as terrorists in video games.

  21. EP1CNELSON says:

    Ubisoft has been downplaying Christianity since the original Assassins creed.

  22. Boom SevenSevenNineTwo says:

    I'm American white and Christian I've watched the trailers I can't see what people are getting butt hurt about

  23. Gruntly says:

    It casts cult members that live as religious separatists as bad guys, not Americans so who cares.

  24. Speengbill Scorpants says:

    I just don't understand. People don't know how to take something and not get offended by it. Literally there will always be someone to be offended, but nowadays it just got to the point where we can't even make video games. Are you kidding me, I'm Christian and I don't give a crap. Also it's a cult, not like we have many extreme cultists playing video games here

  25. jakeencey says:

    Im christian and i dont see a problem

  26. S4VAGE UNICORN says:

    Bla bla bla this is racist no it isn't or anything and now Americans are like they're against us we're now enemy well for years Germans have been the enemy in games and they aren't offended so guys just stop and plus I'm a Christian and American and I can't wait for this game

  27. hooked on a theevan says:

    yeah i'll take a kkk killing simulator. i like it.

  28. Mulberryman says:

    I remember a Resident Evil game that had people crying racism because the zombies were mostly black, forgetting that the game takes place in Africa         oddly these are the same people now praising the Far Cry series for being progressive because for some reason it's ok to hate and even demonize white male Christians    I for one intend to hold off judgement until I actually learn more about the game

  29. Jeffery Tyler Stewart says:

    I have long hair and a big beard and am super offended by this


  30. Meow says:


  31. skullocrusher says:

    " you can take people and not make them human anymore and that makes it ok to kill them"

    jesus christ.

  32. Imperialx Warlord says:

    I can see why some ppl are getting offended but as a Christian I don't see what's to be offended about. They're not true Christians, so it's not like they're making Christianity out as a bad guy. Every time a game or movie makes a Villian or group a single faith or race that race or faith gets offended, just enjoy the game for Christ's sake.

  33. Scott Lemiere says:

    Good. Time to stop treating Americans as perfect angels.

  34. Tyler Siney says:

    So I'm honestly confused. Is this a post apocalyptic world where there is no power? I would assume cause this cult is just killing people is a struggle for power or something. Makes no sense

  35. derga says:

    I can't wait till this game comes out. It's gunna gonna be awesome killing those religious but jobs. It's gunna gonna be payback for all those times they've knocked on my door harassing me and leaving their pamphlet of Jesus drivel on my truck at walmart. oh how I can't wait for the release. It's gunna gonna be the best one yet.

  36. Lasky Productions says:

    As a white Christmas American I am not offended it think it looks badass

  37. ben jones says:

    Here's an option that Ubisoft could try – release another game they're planning on bringing out and delay Far Cry 5 for a while. Then, when they finally do bring FC5 out, they should include an option to play as either the hero or the villain.

  38. Louie Tafoya TV says:

    you know what this reminds me of? when people were offended by resident evil 5

  39. mikenaugz88 says:

    why do people gotta cry about fiction

  40. BlueKj says:

    I'm a Martian and I am offended. On the real though, it looks pretty cool

  41. yuyang lim says:

    Oh cry me a river, people have no problem at all shooting at russians, southeast asians and indigenous islanders yet they start to complain when white americans are shown as the antagonists this time

  42. Xander Wyatt says:

    I'm white and Christian, and I really don't care because of the fact that it's A VIDEO GAME.

  43. Sporebubu says:

    meanwhile in GTA and watch dogs

  44. OSRS Diary says:

    it's not about white americans, it's about fundie violent radical religious nutjobs.

    I'm white, and I'm not that.

  45. bc games says:

    So we are allowed to murder anyone and everyone in another country but when it comes to Americans that's just completely and utterly awful. lmao, smh.

  46. Ura Towel says:

    Bruh, nobody should get upset over a game. Besides, its the same as every other Far Cry.

  47. Curtis Showers says:

    Killing other races:hate
    Killing Americans:Hate
    It seams like no one can escape the hate.

  48. Sonny Lummes says:

    She says she loves the seen in kingsman where they wipe out a church instantly regrets it because it goes against the entire video

  49. Raziel Eden says:

    Seems like the only race that is political correct to kill these days is White Folks.

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