Far Cry 5 Gameplay Interview

Far Cry 5 Gameplay. Far Cry 5 Developer Gameplay Interview.

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  1. GamingNinja says:

    I hope you can finally see you legs when looking down.. it's so unrealistic and unimmersive when you are floating arms.

  2. Eric Nick says:


  3. SomeVids says:

    dan is back ???

  4. Repvoid says:

    This game will be epic.

  5. infirmux says:

    so where is the gameplay? It's looping trailer interview.

  6. Ivan Sabljich says:

    nah,far cry 3 was the best

  7. micky mcfarts says:

    so I guess we all accept fc4 doesn't count since it was 3 re skinned.

  8. micky mcfarts says:

    I see far cry 2&3 + red dead redemption

  9. Daniel Groulx says:

    When you look at the in-game footage, concentrate on the trees and bushes. How they sway in the wind. Looks real nice.

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