FAR CRY 5 – 17 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4 XBOX ONE PC) – Developer Walkthrough 2017

FAR CRY 5 – 17 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4 XBOX ONE PC) – Developer Walkthrough 2017

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  1. Skinless Sausage says:

    this nigga cant snipe for shit

  2. Antti Lintula says:

    wow good game 🙂 good work

  3. Brad Atkin says:

    hope you can make money in the game

  4. Bruce Alamin says:

    its actually really painful to me watching this guy " play " .. like FUCK!

  5. Sonny Lummes says:

    I get that a US sterotype is flags everywhere but did u beed one every two metres, or is it true

  6. harvey waldron says:

    is this game going to be offline co-op as well online?

  7. Goku Black says:


  8. Holloaway says:

    Im Hyped for this. The only thing that really annoys me is the Weapon Viewmodel. It literally gives me Headache. I hope it gets changed.

  9. Izzy G says:

    will this run on a gtx1070?

  10. rusharagorn says:

    Finally, D Dog is back

  11. Jao Forty Five says:

    More gameplay, less talking.

  12. Тимур Гараев says:

    Все собакодрочеры кончают.

  13. Тимур Гараев says:

    All doglovers cum.

  14. KIRA CLASH says:


  15. StrillA DrillA says:

    Will there be monsters like the shangrilas or the ink beheaders

  16. TRASEIJ 094 says:

    so this is the "E3" version we'll never have… fc3 e3 gameplay looks better, i want that game vesion

  17. Samson Boozer says:

    8:50 I believe I can fly

  18. semmosta ja says:

    Who the fuck wants to play this at 30 fps.

  19. jxsilicon9 says:

    Have to wait until 2018

  20. André Johansson says:

    this will be awesome, the graphics looks outstanding and the gameplay mechanics seems really great!!

  21. Юра Варакута says:

    ебать косой

  22. Magnus Peters says:

    whys isnt the crosshair centered

  23. Fabian Perez says:


  24. Paulo Henrique says:


  25. sMEar 8 says:

    all I need to know… it's there the compound bow

  26. Enzo Carcamo says:

    me encanta el echo de que el perro se topa con un muro y le toma 4 segundos para que reacciones y lo salte :v

  27. Agent 2288 says:

    I never read so many comments from stupid bitches before in my life. It looks good and even if the supposedly "downgrade" it, it won't be that bad. Give it a chance. Stupid bitches

  28. Thomas Moore says:

    fps is not smooth

  29. Ljay Jackson says:

    Is there another Hurk?

  30. Tarakan Tarakanovich says:

    Where's blood, violence, dismemberment?I need brutal far cry!

  31. PhD Sliquifier says:

    Even though this is obviously on pc. PS4 and Xbox One would only have 30 fps. Stupid hardware limitations smh

  32. NordicOnur Honca says:


  33. NordicOnur Honca says:

    graphics needs to get upgraded ngl

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