Far Cry 4 Ultra Settings GTX 960 4GB Intel Core I5 4460 Gameplay

Far Cry 4 GTX 960 vs GTX 970 Ultra Settings FPS Test

Far Cry 4 GTX 970 Ultra Settings Gameplay

CPU: Intel Core I5 4460 3.20 GHz
GPU: MSI GTX 960 Gaming Edition 4GB
Motherboard: MSI B85-G43 Intel B85


  1. Galaxy says:

    Hey dude Really Nice video I'm getting A NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB. do you recommend this card for a Low Budget Build?

  2. Emalune says:

    Is the 4gb really worth it?

  3. Sarthak Routh says:

    Man, I have identical specs but I only average about 40 fps on ultra settings in this game. My fps ranges from 38 – 60, which is why my question is as follows: How did you get such great performance on ultra settings in this game?

  4. Enes Keskin says:


  5. JayBytes says:

    Wow, that's pretty impressive. Is this played on 720p or 1080p? Also, what clock speeds do you have?

  6. Paulo Henrique says:

    WOW! 60fps o.o

  7. Snut_ says:


  8. Demy Fortes says:

    yeaah its not amazing, your getting 53fps when your in the woods

  9. João Filipe da Costa says:

    I'm impressed

  10. João Filipe da Costa says:

    How did you manage such high FPS on ultra in this game? I'm impressed. All other videos I see on YouTube, it struggles to reach 50…maybe lower.

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