Far Cry 4 – SOON, E3 Hype, Xbox One ditches Kinect, Child of Light Fan Art | Frag Doll Friday | 5/16

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Kinect-less Xbox One via Polygon:
Kinect-less Xbox One via Engadget:

Flappy Bird – WHYE:

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Frag Dolls Main:
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  1. Ahmed ZD says:

    so…………. OMG

  2. Ahmed ZD says:

    keep up nice

  3. Dwayne Hicks says:

    Your so enthusiastic about everything Pixxel it's to know when something really excites you XD

  4. joshua elson says:

    Flappy birds, oh gawd -_- !

  5. Tommy G says:

    I loved the antagonist from Far Cry 3, let's hope this Willy Wonka looking dude is as dynamic.

  6. Grumpier Faceman says:

    the only thing I partly disappointed & excited for is the division, because its delayed until 2015, which could be a good thing because that means the want the absolute best for this game, and farcry 4 sounds really interesting and AC: unity

  7. wesler218 says:


  8. UnderdogIQ22 says:

    Where's Sabre?

  9. NeoDrao says:

    hello Pixxel!

  10. NeoDrao says:

    and no I wil not be getting the XBOX ONE! SImply because I hate xbox systems in general after I played the first system years ago and the controller caused my hands to cramp up after like 3 minutes of using it.

  11. coachNewman17 says:

    When there is a Halo 2 HD remake then I will purchase and X1.  And Valiant Hearts is intense.  Loved my time with it last month.

  12. Allie-RX says:

    Yay, Pixxel! ^_^

  13. Mina Sanwald says:

    SQUEEEEEEAL!!!! Thanks so so so so so much for the FEATURE!!! AHHH too cool. Pixxel you are the GREATEST!

  14. dutcherboy says:

    Best thing about Fridays

  15. lugeyps3 says:

    looking forward to Far Cry 4!! LOVED the 3rd one 😀

  16. Lee Galecio says:

    ^One of my most fav fragdolls 😉

  17. Wesley C says:

    good to see you always, thanks for asking ^_^

  18. Miscreant says:

    Microsoft fell off.  They dropped the price and ditched the Kinect to try and get back on but it's too late.  The PS4 will dominate for the foreseeable future.

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