Far Cry 4 REAL Walkthrough – Part 40 – Shanath Training Ground Bell Tower + City Of Pain Prep

Major Slack’s REAL walkthrough of Far Cry 4 continues with climbing the bell tower northwest of the Shanath Training Ground outpost. This isn’t a blind playthrough. Come enjoy some smart gameplay and mature (almost) commentary!

Far Cry 3 Master Field Manual

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  1. troygly says:

    Give em hell Major!

  2. gaz south says:

    I haven't miss counted 3rd video today?

  3. EpicSuccessESG says:

    You are one of the only Youtubers that uploads this much per day. Keep up the great work Slack!

  4. todd paget says:

    Nice job Slack! Yea, that bell tower was very frustrating!

    I don't mind the routine leaf gathering prep videos, it's your commentary that makes it!

  5. wademanguy says:

    Sweet! A two fur one, Ehhh-xcellent! Great video Slack, Thumbs UP! 🙂

  6. Nikola Tasevski says:

    Karma events ? Ain't nobody got time for that 😀

  7. Dalton Freudenburg says:

    Nice vid slack I got lost after my parents made me stop watching YouTube so I decided once I could I would subscribe when you switched to this channel

    And first for Ginny

  8. Uncle-Gamer Martinx says:

    Piggy went for a short flight…

  9. Robert Prather says:

    Is it me or do the red leaves grow in the middle of cannabis?  That would explain why Ajay always seems to make that exhilarated noise when injecting!  Just a thought!

    As for Talking Head songs–Psycho Killer, Take Me to the River and Once in a Lifetime.  These were the songs I liked before the big MTV video craze began.

  10. Kraitias says:

    talking heads ftw!

  11. recgar says:

    Nother great vid boss. No worries on routine stuff all us hard cores are right there with ya

  12. Tom Render says:

    I really, really hate the wingsuit when I climb bell towers. Most of the time I die because I accidentally press SHIFT when I jump and I fall down. And you cannot change the control of it! Fucking hell…

  13. sgt picazzo says:

    what a charming lady,feed him to the animals they are hungry always nice

  14. yoochoobb says:

    Can't wait to see how you tackle the City Of Pain (In The Ass) mission.
    And Talking Heads? Oh yeah 🙂

  15. John Myers says:

    Slack does the constant gunfire bother you at all? I find it pretty irritating in these vids TBH.

  16. OhMagnetz says:

    Love the talking heads boss 😀

  17. shango02005 says:

    I just got the Bull too, but I haven't yet decided if I like it better than the 87, or not. It seems like it's got a better spread, but for some reason I miss more with it. lol That could just be that I'm not used to it yet, though. We'll see. 🙂 

     That fucking radio tower was nerve racking as fuck, man! lol Way too much tight rope shit (and I'm not talking SRV, either)! 😉 

     This next mission has got me nervous. The kids have both taken it on and failed over and over and over again. lmao I'm not sure either of them have done it yet. That's what they get for going through the game using nothing but run & gun strategies! lol I told them to practice stealth! 😀 

    P.S. Talking Heads? I'm down. 🙂 

  18. Moshpitti says:

    I did the City of Pain early in the week, and man did I regret not waiting for you to show the way! It definitely lived up to it's name, good bless rooftops.

    Been busy rest of the week, now to catch up on the Slackster! Actually, I'll just let you get nice and properly ahead again, and save myself the trouble. God knows I don't want to do another City of Pain-ish mission without some guidance 😀

  19. MrSanta78 says:

    Can't help myself but I think there is too much things going on. Always some gunfight, always somebody wanting help… just too much shit for my taste. Also I would love there to be a prompt to holster weapons. Far Cry 4 is a free-roaming game and I prefer to holster weapons in free-roaming games.

  20. Runa Ganguli Biswas says:

    This game is so active. I mean it does not let u stay in peace for even a single minute

  21. Chad Alexander says:

    talking heads…yea…thumbs up slack!!!

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