Far Cry 4 PC Gameplay Footage At Maximum Graphical Settings + First Impressions Review 1080p HD

In this episode, we take a look at some gameplay footage at maximum graphical settings, from Far Cry 4. Motion Blur and AA are off, as usual.

Including PC Gameplay at Maximum Graphical Settings at 1080p HD.

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Platform = PC

Computer Specs:
OS = Windows 7 64 Bit
CPU = AMD AMD FX 8350 Black Edition ( Core Frequency 8 x 4.00GHz)
GPU = AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB
RAM = 16GB Corsair 1866mhz Vengeance

Voice commentary via AT&T Natural Voices software.
Gameplay footage captured via FRAPs.
Edited via Corel Videostudio X7.

Why the text to speech program? Five reasons:
1. Originally my mic wasn’t working (motherboard connection problem).
2. I also wished to remain anonymous (what with uploading copyrighted material and all).
3. This method proved to be more convenient
4. It sounds more professional, like those voiceovers in documentaries. Sure it also sounds unnatural sometimes, but it is still the clearest, most human sounding voice out there at the moment.
5. I am currently in a noisy environment where it is sometimes impossible to record a voice commentary without interruptions. So even if I do decide to use my own voice, it will not be anytime soon.


  1. john florentine says:

    nice viseo bladerunner… im glad to see your still uploading 🙂

  2. john florentine says:


  3. ALovelyTsundere says:

    Ah, nice to see you still on bladerunner, may i ask if your excited for this game?

  4. optimuscrimesnyc says:

    framerate i have 8350+r9 290 its stuttering and low fps

  5. just reviewers says:

    Voicechanger u serious

  6. Brandon Longstreth says:

    I preloaded this on steam 2 days ago, waiting painfully for the 18th to come. I was a huge fan of Far cry 3 and thanks to this video, I realized that disabling AA contributed a good 25-30 fps to my gaming experience. Thanks Blade.

  7. Josh Wright says:

    Thought this was ur real voice 🙂

  8. Or Barzili says:

    you sound like google translate!

  9. Hollis Allen says:

    The reason the fov is restricted is because you downloaded it illegally. They added a day one patch for legal copies

  10. SSchithFoo says:

    Err.. if you have disabled AA, how is this maximum graphics?

  11. George galina says:

     The first cat is a Snow leopard. Almost had it 😀

  12. sayougaming says:

    Loved your channel please checkout to my channel and see if you enjoy it

  13. Pens own says:

    Please tell me who plays a FPS with a gamepad on PC?

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