Far Cry 4 Massive Battle – 100 Tigers vs. 100 Bears

Far Cry 4 Massive Battle – 100 Tigers Vs 100 Bears

I played around with the map editor and created some insane battles within an arena.


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  1. Leandro Ramirez says:


  2. JakePlays 42 says:

    what are u shooting the bears for mst of the bears are dead so shoot the hell out of the tigers

  3. Zeko says:

    tiger skilling tigers

  4. Revise Twitch says:


  5. bliclol says:

    So it's the same every time?

  6. Davi Santos says:

    gostei muinto porra

  7. Tearing monk 4 says:

    don't shoot the animals let them fight

  8. Mike Aw says:

    Isn't legit. Shooting the bears and tigers. Leave them to fight. Weird figity dude.

  9. Susan Palmer says:

    why are you shooting them if its a war

  10. Aalay-Imran Haider says:

    screw you stupid

  11. Aalay-Imran Haider says:

    i wish you die

  12. Peggy Houston says:

    I feel like he hates bears cause when bear the killed the tiger he shot the bear and when the tiger killed the bear he left the tiger alone

  13. alexandrepapini says:

    se eu foce voce mata ria somente os ursos

  14. HenkePlayz says:

    baloo vs sherikan

  15. QUICKSCOPE popo says:

    these nuts
    these nuts

  16. QUICKSCOPE popo says:


  17. Mr. Potatoe Head says:

    Why the hell is this idiot shooting them? Lmfao.

  18. Oliwier Socha says:


  19. Amir Cole says:

    he spawned more bears

  20. Amir Cole says:

    he spawned more bears

  21. LotBountyHunter says:

    hey there are in fighting between tigers!

  22. Michael Blake says:

    u have dis for pc did u buy it or

  23. Wyatt S says:

    this is more like 100 tiger 100 bears every man for them self

  24. Bendora Brown says:


  25. Medium sized kid says:

    No no no grisly bears vs tigers

  26. gaming chanel says:

    in real life the grizzly bear would win

  27. Conchi Hernandez says:

    puta mierda de video

  28. XxThe Gamer Monkey1000xX says:

    1:23 Awesomesauce! #badasstiger

  29. XxThe Gamer Monkey1000xX says:

    they are both cannibals, tigers and bears

  30. MlgRocky 6282271918 says:

    bitch a bear is stronger

  31. dragon rider 32 says:

    you ,re mean shooting them after there dead

  32. Roman Reigns says:

    how did you do that

  33. JRx45_NYRfan845 says:

    It's like watching the Farcry version of the….
    Cincinnati Bengals vs Chicago Bears.

  34. ronniemaysouza says:

    go Tigers go Tigers go

  35. Tigerstar says:

    have you seen what tigers do to bears kill them

  36. Bennett of the lands of steel says:

    What console Commands did you use to pull this off?

  37. SKELEMOURN says:


  38. Bloxywinter Gaming says:

    Tigers won because he add many tigers than bears. (You like tigers more?)

  39. Giovanni Leone says:

    its a 50 50 chance if tiger or bear would win

  40. jcyt0511 says:

    Jackasses, I like big cats but they stand no chance against a bear

  41. Youfail Mon says:


  42. Annette Rivas says:

    Tigers rule

  43. Sr vinicius says:

    tiger vs tiger

  44. Julian Barnes says:

    this was a game of death???

  45. Julian Barnes says:

    Tigers are cool?

  46. Роман Милятчев says:

    xullshit. vhe bear just waits for the

  47. Julian Barnes says:

    Thx and what did you say school or cool?

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