Far Cry 4 level up tips and tricks survival guide

Far Cry 4 tips and tricks survival guide.
This guide is on how to level up your guns,ammo and skills quickly. General tips that work to get guns, ammo and money in the first 2 hours. For PC users some of the fixes for problems are: If you get a windowed smaller screen and it won’t go full screen, from a forum : hit “alt” and “enter” and it will go full screen. If you get a black screen or grey screen, go “Start”-“Control Panel”-“System and Security”-“system”-“device manager” and remove all the HID -human interface device-except the USB ones and it should help, and do that also if the game won’t load and gives loading errors. If the screen is completely black in the shadows and white in the direct sun changing the gamma, contrast, etc. didn’t work for me but changing the “advanced” graphics settings like shadows and fur, etc. did. I can’t remember what I did but after it was perfectly normal. I try to get my loadout and carrying bags leveled up before taking on enemies. By about 2 to 3 hours into the game i can get level 2 and 3 of just about everything and I use the PKM, the Recurve Bow with reflex sight, the M 79 grenade launcher (available after 7 or 8 towers) and the sniper M700 with silencer until I can get the U100 and the MP5 with silencer and red dot -after the Noor mission to kidnap DePluer. I don’t use the sniper on the lower Kyrat but on the upper part the AI is so sensitive and the body armor takes 2 arrows sometimes to get a kill that I will use the Sniper as a 4th slot there.
This game is a lot of fun with many different types of quests and missions to keep one busy. I would say if you knew a little by playing it previously you could finish the game with all missions, talking all forts and taking all towers and doing half the side missions in about 20+ hours but if you were going for 100% completion on a first run thru it could be more like 50 hours. -FYI. Have fun with it, it is a great game. The psychological aspects are interesting also. There are a lot of expressions of redemption re Longeness and Pagan.
FYI the game play is really choppy because of the recording program. My MSI afterburner wont play with FC4 so…. Anyway my actual gameplay is far smoother than this video. I hope to convey a few concepts that will help you survive more easily in the wild with the animals and enemies.

Animal skins:
Weapons holster3 Tibetan Wolf 3 Malayan Tapir 3 Honey Badger

Wallet 3 Bharal (deer) 3 Assam Macaque 4 Rhino
Loot Bag 2 Sambar (deer) 3 Pigs 4 Demon Fish
Syringes 2 Wild Boar 3 Tibetan Wolf 4 Tapir
Bait Bag 2 Dhole (dogs) 3 Yak 5 Bear
Ammo Bag 2 Wild Boar 3 Bharal (goats) 4 clouded leopard
Throwable bag 2 Yak 3 Dhole (dogs) 5 Bengal Tigers
Explosive bag 2 Asian Rhino 3 Snow Leopards5 Sambar (deer)
Heavy Ammo 2 Bengal Tigers 3 Bears 4 Snow Leopards
Quiver 1 pig Clouded leopards 4 Honey Badgers

Totals : Tibetan Wolfs- 6 Pigs-4 Yak-5 Tapir -7 Rhino – 6 Wild Boar -4 Bharal(goats) -5 Macaque (monkeys)-3 Sambar (deer) -7 Demon Fish- 4 Dhole (dogs) -2 Honey Badger -7 Bengal Tiger-7 Clouded Leopard-7 Bear- 8 Snow Leopard- 7


  1. Espen Storø says:

    Throw lots of bait before you enter the tower, that'll spawn snow leopards. Hard to find unless you have the extra missions from the preorder/season pass. If not, you may have to wait until you get the north unlocked.

  2. tigercraft25 gaming says:


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