Far Cry 4 – Hunting the RARE Thick Skin! (Tutorial/Guide)

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Hopefully this clears up the mystery of how to find the rare thick skin in Far Cry 4! Subscribe for more tutorials and other entertaining videos!


  1. Theclockworkman says:


  2. justasloth says:

    alright patchy m8

  3. Galanty Gamer says:

    Ok mum

  4. hatsjer says:

    Thanks for the spoiler alert. I have yet to get a copy of the game, and a rig to run it though, unfortinetly.

  5. P1tchB1ack says:

    Thanks for the spoiler warning 😀

  6. EddySquingilly says:

    I didn't finish the game but I did take the fort and hunt thick skin

  7. David Fender says:

    Omg thanks for that warning! 

  8. The Hurricane says:

    Thanks for this, otherwise, I too would be looking around the internet like a mad man 🙂

  9. yousuf abusaly says:

    whats the gun he used just before the buzzsaw

  10. J-Stielo (SoloPhysique) says:

    LMFAO 4:03 EPIC.. you see him??? 

  11. nick brooks says:

    oh fuck ah hahahahahaha

  12. Ali Rashed says:

    You play on easy difficulty?

  13. Made Indar says:

    you dont have to complete the game to get this mission. you just have to liberate Pagan's fort, after Key To The North mission of course.

  14. Almighty Zinniyah says:

    That elephant scared the hell out of me

  15. Antoinette Choate says:
  16. Mary Chuol says:

    fu*k her right in the p*ssy!

  17. Law19157 says:

    That's so dumb……whats the point of the thick skin if the game's already finished? that makes no sense. Update: I just took the fortress….wasn't anywhere near the end of the game 

  18. iSmokeRockz says:

    What do you use the skin for? I got it and i just killed Noore so I'm no THAT far into the game and I have it. But what is its use?

  19. Battouta Baizid says:


  20. Dandre Eugene says:

    4:014:06 kinda surprised me??lol

  21. Lourdes Isidro says:

    You can also liberate outposts to kill rare animals

  22. Thomas Harper says:

    I have

  23. noob face says:

    holy shit he has the buzzsaw

  24. Danny Jevons says:

    at 4:02 scared the shit out of me ???????????

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