Far Cry 4 Fortress Takeover Guide- SOLO Tips and Tricks

Far Cry 4 Fortress Takeover in Baghadur! Here is my guide, tips and tricks to do it solo and in stealth! I found:

A really good side passage through which it makes it super easy to penetrate through the fortress walls and it enabled me to do this Far Cry 4 Fortress Takeover Solo and pretty much in stealth without any problems. I hope you guys are enjoying the vids! and if you are I would be really humbled to get a like, get a comment from you or a fave or share 🙂

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Far Cry 4 Baghadur Fortress


  1. Andrew says:

    Whenever my sister's friend comes over from Australia, she buys so many things here because of the price difference. That sucks for you guys 🙁

  2. SelfDestructPS says:

    Awesome video – I know I'm being a pain, but would you mind checking out my latest video? I made a cool montage of my greatest moments in Far Cry 4, it took me hours to make! Would be appreciated very much from me! Thanks.

  3. HA LO says:

    Stealth, very impressed. Good gaming.

  4. DeathWatcher says:

    I love how you stealth shooting in this game. That's how I role majority of the time 🙂 almost 300 subs!!! way to go Game Hound 🙂 when we get to 500 subs are we going to get a game hound gaming army so we can put up our gamer tags and play with each other as a community in games?

  5. SaltyBastionMain says:

    I did a heavy assault instead of stealth I used PKM Draganov Grenade launcher and RPG7

  6. Alec Fugate says:

    Great video! I can always appreciate an accent as well. If you would ever like to play co-op with someone but can't find anyone to play with hit me up!

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