Far Cry 4 – ALL Assassination Quests done in finest stealth style ( GTX 980 OC 4790k OC )

ALL Assassination Quests of Far Cry 4 done with primarily using the recurve bow , throwing knifes and takedown combos . In the lower left corner at the start of each quest i name the outpost or location where this particular quest can be found . I hope you guys enjoy the the video and as always have fun watching 🙂 .

My Far Cry 4 Graphic Settings : everything maxed out exept for : fur “on” , shadows “ultra” , vsync off + SMAA . To watch the video at 60 FPS use Google Chrome + activated HTML5 , you should give it a try it looks realy smooth !

System Specs :

Hardware :

– i7 4790k @ 4,8 Ghz for 24/7
– EVGA GTX 980 Reference @ 1574/2000 for 24/7
– ASRock Z97 OC Formula
– G.Skill TridentX 16 Gig Kit ( 4×4 Dimms ) 2400/9-11-11-31
– Samsung 840 Pro 256 Gig SSD
– Corsair RM1000
– Fractal ARC Midi R2
– Asus VG236H 120 Hz

Cooling :

– Rad#1 : 360×30 Alphacool NexXxoS @ 3x Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro PL2 push
– Rad#2 : 280×45 Alphacool NexXxoS @ 2x Enermax Everest UCEV14 push
– Rad#3 : Watercool MO-RA3 360 @ 8x Silverstone SST-FN181-BL push/pull
– EK-DDC 3.2 PWM X-RES 250 + EK-DDC Heatsink Housing
– Koolance 380i
– EK-FC980 GTX Acetal + EK-FC980 GTX Backplate black
– 19/13 Tubing
– Mayhems Pastel Sunset Yellow


  1. TheShangralaaaa17 says:

    ummm how TF do you just walk up and kill that commander? there's 2 fucking heavy gunners patrolling and must be taken out first

  2. Dougal Bland says:

    Awesome stuff you are like stealth King of ninjas

  3. David Huffman says:

    Only complaint from me is there aren't more fc4 videos! need these for every campaign mission plz..

  4. Gamer Hard AMW says:


  5. Lemon Man says:

    Farcry 4 purist right here

  6. AJ Gamer says:

    why do you make it look so easy

  7. ChaCha gamer says:

    how to aim an arrow when you fire in the sky

  8. Rahul Lohra says:

    Like a boss !!

  9. WR pro says:

    are you playing on play station or computer

  10. Subz says:

    I came for that ost! 5:45

  11. Øbey says:

    Honestly I've never been good at stealth I'm horrible at the game usually I just hide in a bush and take them out 1 by 1 ;_;

  12. Charles Engelbrecht-Schnür says:

    @clockner I have a challenge for you: Do a stealth mission you like but you can't use takedowns or long range weapons (sniper,bow,auto cross)

  13. Colton Tonner says:

    Hate the island one lol tried doing it long range kept missing due to either range cap or accuracy

  14. Melon Gemon says:

    how do u kill someone with a pistol during using ur wing suit?

  15. Hersh Hemant says:

    Ur skills are crazy bro.

  16. EXRIPEZ says:

    Hey clockner how many time did u practiced??

  17. Angsty Teen says:

    can you get rid of the little number things in the top left corner ?

  18. karl arsch says:

    How long do you practice for each of those quests?

  19. MoscoBosco123 Gaming says:


  20. Mappletapple says:

    I look up to you so much and try to stay stealthy and learn what you do keep doin what your doin Man your great at it:)

  21. Bačky CZ says:


  22. Weeaboo Trash says:

    I wish I was able to do this kind of thing.

  23. Forest Jr says:

    I love you clockner I play far cry 3 and 4

  24. Vikram Parmar says:

    how to kill wingsuit takedown.

  25. Sebace El Chapo says:


  26. Infrared Phantom [The Ark Angels] says:

    Its crazy stupid how none of these guys here you run around like that

  27. Nice says:

    Cant wait to see what you can do in FC5 😀

  28. CyberneticGamerHD says:

    wait wait wait at 2:40 how dafaq can you stop when jumping

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