Far Cry 4 – 7 Things We Love | Instant Expert

Far Cry 4 – 7 Things We Love | Instant Expert
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In this week’s Instant Expert we round up our seven favourite things about upcoming open worlder Far Cry 4.


  1. Stefan Hägg says:


  2. R3ll says:

    Yay! 🙂

  3. Dannzilla says:

    C4 Elephants…. I'm sold.

  4. Zightz says:

    1 thing we hate:
    they will ubisoft us again…


    Does this game have online free roam?

  6. RG7621 says:

    This footage is from the PS3 version, right?

  7. 14kip says:

    Can't wait for the map editor reveal' plz include animal n vehicles in online and this will be the ultimate far cry

  8. Ryan Reay says:

    This game won't get a graphical downgrade because what they're showing us certainly isn't mind blowing but it's very good! People complain a lot about Watchdogs but they were showing something out of this world at E3 2012 and it just didn't live up to that! So you can expect this game to look this good and then some! GOTY right here folks!

  9. Bob Smith says:

    Have to be honest, this game looks incredible. Also really the guy who narrators some videos on cvg. He has an amazing voice tbh

  10. pulserino says:

    So this is not on the Xbox one? what a shame…. I was looking forward to this ):

  11. Ryan Stockholm says:

    Why the hell isn't this one xbox? and please don't just call me a fanboy or say that the xbox sucks. I get it. But seriously thats a huge audience that loved Farcry 3 thats being fucked over. I'll just end up getting it on PC anyway but this is bull.

  12. Jovan Mitrić says:

    Aw, but I want Blood Dragon 2! It was so awesome and different!

  13. Marcus J says:

    What's so wrong that it's only on sony?

  14. aanonymouscowardsays says:

    I want my tropical island farcry

  15. aanonymouscowardsays says:

    I want my tropical island farcry

  16. Larry JollyGamer says:

    Most of the map will be mountains, right? If so, that'll suck because in far cry 3 you couldn't climb a freaking rock.

  17. Lewis Gibb says:

    Blood dragon 3: Vietnam War 2 has already been hinted at a couple times.

  18. Danny Devine says:

    It's on Xbox just not the multiplayer, so annoying =(

  19. Tim Marker says:

    Far Cry 4 and destiny are my two most anticipated games for 2014.

  20. Nathan Looke says:

    What's so spectacular about elephants?

  21. PandaMofo says:

    they better make a fucking giant rideable sloth! or Panda/llama/Kiwi

  22. F3ARL388 says:

    A main character who isn't a generic white guy? No thanks!

  23. ShadeOfEclipse says:

    Far Cry is fucking dead, it's been dead since Far Cry 2.

  24. Ace Ventura says:

    this game is going to be a huge disappointment cus 'ubisoft' 

  25. MetroidMaster says:

    The thing I'm most looking forward to is the game continually being shown with the highest PC graphics settings that won't actually be accessible in the consumer PC version of the game because Ubisoft doesn't want draw attention at how woefully underpowered this new gen of consoles actually are.

  26. NoJuanCares says:

    Dang CVG you stepped up that intro, looks great!

  27. KimJongCartman says:

    Who's ready for DRM delays?

  28. Thamal Liyanage says:

    Ajay is pronounced Ah-Jay

  29. dj may says:

    Not as bad as the last of us exclusive…

  30. uae0nexus1 says:

    Don't get too hyped you'll end up crying Just like what happend with wD

  31. Fisherman John says:

    WAIT! Can u only play multiplayer on ps3 and ps4?   the guns for hire thing 

  32. GangstaSquirrel YT says:

    A pagan is good doe because they believe in wildlife and things people just make it seem like that that's wye I don't wanna kill him when I get to the end of farcry 4

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