Far Cry 3 – Weed Burning Mission [1080p] + Save game file

1440p version:

Save game file with included simple instructions: 5500+ downloads/4 failures

Go ahead and play it over and over and over and over…. 🙂

Alternate link 1:

Alternate link 2:


  1. zombieslaya30 says:

    i wish i remembered to make an extra save to replay this mission…

  2. needtomesswithyou says:

    I just played this mission for the first time last night. Between the dog, blowing shit up, the music, and general chaos, this is hands down my favorite mission in the whole game. I took my sweet ass time too so I could enjoy the tunes . 😀 (The music will keep looping for the length of the mission fyi)

  3. thebread master says:

    man you should get high while doing this mission. there is no fun in that! 

  4. yiğit kekeç says:

    Skrillex & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley – Make It Bun Dem

  5. McC1oudv2 says:

    This mission is best done with an LMG to accompany the flame thrower

  6. Username? Whats that? says:

    does not work

  7. Stavros Gennetides says:

    man did u know how i get the gun because is too difficult with out this gun 

  8. thetubesandy says:

    Although this is the best mission of all the fucking games I played, but if the developers made the player high while burning the weed, that my friend would have been the dopiest mission ever in the history of games!!

  9. Youssef Ayman says:

    Man U R SOOOOOOOOOO MAAAAD I Love ur playing
    thx for the file

  10. john johnson says:

    Before going in with the flamethrower, I shot two fire arrows into groups.

  11. Smash Fac3 says:

    "That's a lotta weed" haha XD lmfao

  12. RedEnergySounds says:

    I'd burn them slowly… One joint at a time xD

  13. TheMrEpicsounds says:

    You hardly used the flamethrower!?
    Have some fun dude!

  14. Grizzly says:

    Far Cry 4 may not have skrillex playing whilst burning weed, but it does have two characters, Yogi and Reggie, who use you as a test subject for the new drugs they make. Pretty much every mission with them involves smoking some kind of joint, then being injected with a "Booster". After taking the "Booster" you usually pass out and wake up in a cave somewhere, naked, with a heightened sense of alertness while some kind of rock music plays and the sky gradually changes color.

  15. Progressive clown says:

    i love this mission 

  16. Parkour Kings says:

    Didn't work 🙁

  17. GamerHD says:

    what it's name a melody

  18. danny _r27 says:

    Best mission ever! I usually go stealth sniper on most engagements but this felt special and I went all out 🙂

  19. ficolas2 says:

    Y u do dis? 🙁 ma weed

  20. Cypreval says:

    This mission was my favorite and the game is my favorite

  21. Shinterymi says:

    "That's a lotta weed…"
    Gosh, I think I enjoyed this part WAYYYY too much xD This game is crazy haha.

  22. PS4 Gaming says:

    jerk off.

  23. Tweaks says:

    Oi! That`s 2 years worth of stuff! Y U DO DIS?!?!

  24. jayive34 says:

    Why does no one use the recurve bow and fire arrows?

  25. Pakiša says:

    no save game

  26. [Z]EKTOR says:

    You are amazing dude !

  27. Your Local Eshay says:

    Watching this while stoned is actually pre good

  28. Zach So says:

    I remember there being alot more hostiles now it just looks anti climatic

  29. The eagle Sight says:

    epic mission indeed .

  30. Pranav S says:

    +Kabab Can U Pls Give Me The SaveGame File For The Last Mission Would Be Grateful

  31. The paolo98 says:

    i was like 12 or 13 i remenber playing this game every day after school, almost repeated 1 year because of videogames ,lmao so many bad memories 🙂

  32. Shadyyy says:


  33. ibanez1403 says:

    Some reason everytime I use the flamethrower on that mission my dude instantly catches fire, fucking bugs in this game is disgusting.

  34. Boruto says:

    nice job

  35. JAR2388 says:


  36. carl davies says:

    is there an infinite health cheat for this game

  37. Rolling Redneck says:

    my fiance wants to watch me play this when we are living together because of all the jump scares I told her about during those damn animal attacks.

  38. DV_laeffy says:

    Rommel: hans! hans: yes lieutenant rommel: get the flammenwerfer!

  39. nekicowek fpv says:

    what a waste

  40. //cupcake\ says:

    i loved this when I was 11

    still love it

  41. Dinosaur boi 2.0 says:

    that was….. EPIC

  42. Noah Hefner says:

    thumbs up if u watched in 2017

  43. Green alien says:

    How tf did i get here?

  44. kimo kamal says:

    Jason actually starts to get high if you walk in between the burnt fields

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