Far Cry 2 Multiplayer Online Gameplay PC[HD]

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  1. One Click says:

    quelle est le logiciel de capture ??

  2. BigAss Hildegarde says:

    I love this fleshy sound every time you hit someone.
    i think hitmarker are better like this 🙂

  3. SaviorAssassin1996 says:

    Far cry 2 is the best out of all the other far cries, right? :3

  4. y u do dis says:

    Shure man far cry 2 has the best multiplayer in all on other far cry game far cry 3 multiplayer is sucks

  5. Occultsystem says:

    this game is just too good, how it can die? im so sad.

  6. Sebastian Castellanos says:

    Hello there brother,i am 1 of your subscribers and i just saw this video…believe me or not you are the best player in this game bro…So Me and my brother..we need 6 more people in our clan!….We will like to add you as a member in our clan…will you like to join brother ^_^

  7. waleed khalid says:

    oh man you killed me in that vid

  8. waleed khalid says:

    it was me you shot at first with your sniper rifle

  9. waleed khalid says:

    i was ramy

  10. David hEIDSEMAN says:

    Do people still play this game? Looks like a cool game.

  11. Draženka Cikač says:

    kako igrati far cry 2 mutipler

  12. Dutchie Frass says:

    TO FAR CRY 2 PLAERS of 2016!!!! 😀 the world over!!!!!

  13. Puglous says:

    Far Cry 2 had some great multiplayer: but there were two major flaws. One was the tags people had over their heads so no one could hide in the grass, the second was the battlefield was unbearably quiet do to the fact that everyone's character barely had a voice. What's a battlefield without screams and cries.

  14. London Man says:

    I got this game when I got gold. It was my first fps online. loved it.the fact that every stage was soo play a death match in hyrule one match and Iraq the next. The other two are a lot better. But fc2 multiplayer was the best by farrr. does anybody still play on xbox 360? or is it on steam?

  15. casey Rhodes says:

    its not dead I still play online pc

  16. Phillippine Politics,Defense and Economy says:

    do people still play?

  17. Nic Nolan says:

    still better than black ops 3

  18. Arnaldo Ramirez says:


  19. mohammad sarfaraz says:

    What is the name of this map ?

  20. Marcos Alexandre says:

    como fazer

  21. Memes Guy says:

    This game sucks ass it seems.

  22. Glxy Glxy says:

    far cry 2 is the best best best .. 3 and 4 bad bad bad . far cry 2 . only

  23. Glxy Glxy says:

    far cry 2 .my game i play only far cry 2 online ……….⚘📺🔫🗿

  24. PunkNiggaGuy says:

    Ooooh man, the memories! Those were good times, one of the very first game I've played online so much and having so much fan, the maps for PC were good too!

  25. James18151 says:

    I miss this game

  26. VortexHDGaming says:

    i just got the game for £2 but cant get multiplayer to work

  27. WB bLueYe says:

    i got this game together with my 360 in 2008….. i loved the game

  28. leonthekiller G. says:


  29. SL3ND3R M4N ANTTILA says:


  30. Ryo AD says:

    CAH geblek

  31. Lemonade says:

    I wish far cry 2 multiplayer PS3 wasn't dead 🙁

  32. Philip Martin says:

    Is the multiplayer for PC still alive?

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