Fallout 4 Review

We’re giving it a glowing endorsement.

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  1. Jude Hatch says:

    m8 fallout 3 and skyrim were made around the same time

  2. NinjaDefuser610 says:

    While gameplay is most of it graphics do matter don't want to feel like I am playing a game that is appropriate for years in the past

  3. NinjaDefuser610 says:

    I feel like it misses the beautiful scenery that skyrim has tbh

  4. Justinsgamez says:

    Just picked up fallout a month ago, and this game really impresses me. Even though it was made over a year ago

  5. TheLegend27 ORIGINAL says:

    Holy shit they gave Resident Evil 7 a 7.0 and gave this a 9.5? I'm done.

  6. Prince Vegeta says:

    I'm just here to prepare myself for WW3

  7. Pinga6 says:

    FNV is a 9.5/10.

    Fallout 3 is a 8/10

    Fallout 4 is a 6/10

  8. JUICE HEADFAN2.7 says:

    Fricken instagram ada

  9. Terskade says:

    i made sanctuary my fortress. but it was allways safe.. it got attacked only 1 time entire playtrough.

  10. Cassie Cage says:

    Fallout 4 is one of the shittiest games I've ever played.

  11. Claire Spears says:

    I frickin love fallout 4, you people don't know what your talking about

  12. DeathRow says:

    Oh come on guys this game is sick. I'm a huge fan of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, although I didn't like New Vegas' orange filter. I don't like the weapon modding system or the new power armour but hey, can't please everyone I guess :/

  13. alikh idzam says:

    HUNDREDS OF NUCLEAR BOMBS DETONATED…..buildings still fine

  14. Ammer Reduron says:

    it really had a blast playing fallout 4 (300+ hours) .. it's an amazing world with memorable locations and characters

  15. Pickle Rick says:

    my friend said i can buy the game from him for real cheap, as my first fallout game, would it be good for me.

  16. Bhavin Barbhaya says:

    good garphics does not make a great game like cod always do same bullshitt over and over again

  17. Bhavin Barbhaya says:

    they had an amazing concept and amazing story on fo4 that's why they earned 9.5 rating

  18. xX1N5ertC01nXx says:

    IGN got this so wrong, 9.5 my arse, closer to 7.5.

  19. Mr Elite says:

    IGN: Fallout 4 is impossible to put down

  20. Joe1up says:

    My review


    Brilliant Companions

    Fun and sometimes challenging gameplay

    Weapon modding

    perks are an interesting way to streamline the leveling system

    soundtrack is good


    Settlements aren't really my cup of tea

    feels a bit dumbed down


    the game just looks… weird…

    I can't put my finger on it, it's like there's no art direction, just a bunch of things that don't go well with each other.

  21. Titus Bruticus says:

    Why am I here?

  22. kirbin Riba says:

    if graphics don't matter go play gameboy

  23. Christian Smith says:

    The crafting/collecting system is bullshit. SO much time can be wasted simply collecting junk from the world. Hours.

  24. Slash Merc says:

    They gave Metro Last Light 7.2. Just let that sink in.

  25. Frank Ayers says:

    I have never played a Fallout game and got 4 for Christmas. I have it installed yet still haven't played. Thinking about starting it this weekend…But hearing from friends, the settlement stuff I'm hearing about is really turning me off :/

  26. Frank Ayers says:

    Can I just avoid building settlements and still enjoy the game?

  27. Yellow Jesus says:

    Bethesda game without bugs is like Amsterdam without drugs

  28. ShaggyIzKool says:

    i dont know. i played it for about 30 mins n just didnt like the game. maybe just not my type of game. idk. lol but i might pick up n give it another go.

  29. Ekim Acromer says:

    free to dl in the xbox store right noe

  30. TheGamerClubber says:


  31. Oliver DoesYT says:

    I love this game. Game of the year for sure

  32. Randompancakes12345 says:

    In the middle of playing New Vagas, I'll start this after I finish. I gotta say the graphics look amazing, the game does in general!

  33. Lawson Ashurst says:

    Fallout 4 is a very fun and well polished RPG 9/10 =)

  34. Jay Weez says:

    If i had a penny for everyone fallout new vegas fan in the comments, i could quit my job and put as many hours into the game as they did

  35. Alvaro CAro says:

    when i played it i didn't have the same feeling as previous fallout games, it felt like a lot was missing and at the end playing it again doesn't seem much enjoyment unlike new vegas where everytime i play it it's like playing the game for the first time.

  36. iEySe says:

    1:15 lol shitty PS4 has an FPS drop 😂

  37. pearthicorn says:

    Too bad this game leaves no room for proper role playing or character building. It's hardly an Rpg. I really hope the next elder scrolls is a proper RPG

  38. Chowderp says:

    I don't feel like we played the same game…

  39. Steve Perry says:

    Always listen to TOM LEYKIS!!!!

  40. Dog Lover says:

    there is like 5 unique side quest in this game

  41. Yarco says:

    they didnt make use of like skyrim with guns meme? disappointed!

  42. ThAtcRuStbOii says:

    greatest game ever

  43. KinghtofZero00 says:

    Its 2017 and the quests are still buggy lol, I still love the game though.

  44. Team Trees says:


  45. darkghosts 40.1 says:

    wait, about the companions, dialogues, ai and also also wasting of your time for elevators who think gilcth out and it wasn't

  46. Nick Balaguer says:

    They will never give a game a 10 I swear

  47. Saul Moses says:

    Jesus christ I forgot IGN and youtubers weren't allowed to have opinions

  48. gotham 07 says:

    Ive never played a fallout game before so I liked this one, thats just me though

  49. Red Alexander says:

    So has every fallout game started with you in the vault? (ive only tried fallout 3, bout to try 4) If so when are people going to get bored with that opening?

  50. moist faucet says:

    Fallout 4 is a let down. it is not much of the post apocalyptic life anymore. it is a SIM city Fallout. no more people suffering, agony, Carnage and eerie world anymore. it is done. it is emotionless game.

    METRO Exodus look like is the winner of the apocalyptic game now.

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