Fallout 4: Funny Moments! – “EXPLORING THE WASTELAND!” – (FO4 Funny Moments)

Fallout 4 Funny Moments Gameplay!
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Today I bring to you my first Fallout 4 Funny Moments video! In this Fallout 4 video I build my house and go venture into the wasteland to find more settlers to move into our town! Let me know what you think we should do in our next Fallout 4 video – if we should do more exploring, build on the base or even use some mods or cheats! 😀


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  1. Blanca Hernandez says:

    Part 2 please

  2. Crystalline Wolf says:

    Death Note background 2:47

  3. tigertank909 says:

    gaminglemon you should see 2 charictors i made there extremly dum looking mostly the femal

  4. tigertank909 says:

    the german sheperds real name is dogmeat not dog

  5. tigertank909 says:

    thats where the deathclaw coms out 2:56

  6. tigertank909 says:

    theres only 2 useful companions in the game nick valitine and dogmeat

  7. MadSmile 223 says:

    Can y plz make other vid

  8. MadSmile 223 says:

    Can u plz make other vid

  9. MadSmile 223 says:

    on fallout 4

  10. Greysen47 greysen says:

    nice vid dude

  11. William Dennis says:

    It killed me when he used Rolf from Ed Edd Eddy

  12. Kenshin Farias Trindade says:

    The dog's real name is dogmeat you idiot😂

  13. Squeek Tate says:

    This guy is brilliant, Why didn't I think of creating A character with down syndrome….

  14. Clorox Bleach says:

    Lmao that terraria soundtrack outta nowhere

  15. Klemet Kruusmann says:

    little funny

  16. Emmett Mcalister says:


  17. Manuel Polakis says:


  18. DatSoukro says:

    What is the source of the noise between 3:433:45? I need to know this

  19. Ace Of Spades says:

    Forgot to censor those at 11:39

  20. MadSmile 223 says:

    03.49 did any one else think he said useful

  21. Kris Callicoat says:

    Ffs do more lemonasshole

  22. matthew anagnostopoulos says:

    that was fucking funny

  23. MattgMac04 says:

    I think it was bloody brilliant to use Call of Duty zombie sounds.

  24. killer master says:

    You should have called Dog Doug


    jesus YouTube gamers are such cancer

  26. Jack Lingwood says:

    i loved it do more your the best

  27. Jan Gandoy-Bürger says:

    Playing with Crosshair is Gay 😝

  28. Black star Gaming says:

    Why does it have the terraria theme song

  29. knuspryAlex says:

    Is he dead? He has not uploaded since, i don't even knoe

  30. NooBGaMeR says:

    Fallout 4 + Black ops = 9:03

  31. Saggysaxon/DOUBLEUPGAMING says:

    Your voice matches your cha4rater so much

  32. rockseille says:


  33. Christopher Jasso says:

    Not to be mean love your fallout 4 vids but you are a noob

  34. BattleKing says:

    wow, a dog called dog xd

  35. Fluffy Furball says:

    Still dead I see…

  36. Edgertonian says:

    What is the beautiful and tranquil music that begins at @4:17 ?

  37. sam aldridge says:

    dude, you are so not funny. how the fuck are there so many dumb fucking people in this world watching this. not only is your voice fucking annoying, but you talk like a bitch to

  38. sam aldridge says:

    kill yourself

  39. Lolipop Lolipop says:

    ITS not funny…

  40. Jose Munoz says:

    Love you gaming lemon

  41. Brenden brady says:

    69 thousand likes

  42. Ben G says:

    Were are you

  43. In First Person says:

    Bro please tell me you have ark? This was funny, you should make a funny ark video

  44. Hunter Janicki says:

    Your back!!!!!

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