Dead or Alive: Dimensions [3DS] | Gameplay (Citra Emulator)

Kind of laggy, but atleast it works.


  1. vincent marandola says:

    You got a great channel and a great game I have Nintendo ds do you have any options what it is

  2. CammiTalbain Shoku says:

    my favorite game on my birthday…perfect

  3. Devil Gamer2000 says:

    I've had my eye on this game for the longest time, and im still searching for it. Just earlier today I did a DOALR Raidou playthrough, it was the first video I did today. But if I was to play a DOA game it would be 3. Why? It was one of the first games I have ever played and owned for myself. Memories.

  4. samar prinsess says:

    how do you make this work ?

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