7 predictions for Far Cry 5 gameplay – Is it set in modern day Montana?

It’s the run up to E3 and Far Cry 5 rumours have started to surface. Join Ian as he lists 7 predictions for Far Cry 5 gameplay in this video that examines all the Far Cry 5 leaks so far. Will Far Cry 5 be set in Montana or will Far Cry 5 go back to Rook Islands? Find out as Ian does some guesses.

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  1. Qwerty 123456 says:

    If in Far Cry 4 they kept Pagan's story secret they could also make a game on pagan's story.

  2. chris giglepuff says:

    this is not farcry more like  red dead 2

  3. Coolio says:

    A western far cry sounds really off putting and boring in my opinion. I really don't want this theory to be true. Ugghhhb kill me.

  4. TonyVile TV says:

    Far Cry is the only Ubisoft game I look forward to buying every time it's released. But if they fuck this game up like they did Primal then I'm selling my PS4 for a PS2 where shit is actually popping 😂

  5. dremmagamers says:

    I live in montana

  6. Fecking Sweg says:

    I'm from Great Falls, Montana

  7. Biggie Cheese _ says:

    Turtles are cool

  8. ROGUEGAMING763 says:

    i hope its in the modern era and i want them to bring back map editor and make it better than ever

  9. Devil's Reaper Gaming says:

    I hope ubisoft doesn't downgrade far cry 5

  10. Emerald Banks says:

    I'm proud to be a Montanan

  11. Devara Febry says:

    i hope they give us better story ending.

  12. ALBINO STUB says:

    I feel like it will be in the modern era but America will be in a state of anarchy

  13. Aurodeep Kamal says:

    Moar Water Towers or Cactus to climb? And sync map?

  14. Max Mags says:

    I live in Montana !!!!!!! It's very diverse many mountains forests and prairies

  15. Voidacus says:

    As a Montanan this video made me die inside.

  16. Dan Deakin says:

    They need to make Far Cry 3 Remastered!

  17. lethal gopnik says:

    turns out the church was in the teaser, that was pretty sick

  18. Lewis Iles says:

    I really hope far cry 5 goes back to the 'insanity' stage, far cry 3 was so good and tense and you felt like you were actually with 'insane' people. Far cry 4's kyrat was very nice in the setting but I always felt alone and the character building didn't seem to be strong. Pagan min seemed more like a power driven dictator and not a literally insane minded madman like Vaas was and did so well. I never played far cry 1 and far cry 2 didn't say much to me personally, and far cry primal just seemed away from the series MADE by far cry 3 to me. I just hope insanity is back pleaseeee Ubisoft!

  19. Comrade Shank says:

    I think they're going for a outlast 2 feeling

  20. The Knight says:

    Far cry 2 okish
    Far cry 3 great
    Far cry 4 meh
    Far cry 5 well we have to wait.

    Oh wait I forgot about far cry primal oh that's right it was a piece of crap

  21. Ryan Trolling says:

    It wouldn't make sense to do it in America in modern day because surly the army of the fbi or just a shit toon of police

  22. Anthony Tosh says:

    From the near future, you where all wrong.
    Far cry 5 attack of the Trump supporters

  23. Clement Mwangi says:

    It's set in mordern day Montana with a religious cult

  24. ValhallaOutcast says:

    Montana Island?

  25. Rory Killen says:

    Its in USA

  26. Jesse Meza says:

    You're pretty spot on!

  27. xgamer5000 says:

    10:30 the funniest mission in far cry 3

  28. Garret Woeller says:

    far cry 5 looks like far cry 3 part 2 as in the far cry 4 we deserved because far cry 4 was bad story and character and map wise but mechanically was okay a little better then 3 but not better all together

  29. Darth Vader says:

    it is coming out in February 27th 2018. It is in modern times, With the enemies being a large group of religious fanatics/Terrorists. The trailer is out!

  30. MadMan says:

    You know what a cool Far Cry 6 would be. Your a CIA agent or a mercenary who goes to Rook Islands to stop the rise of a tribe threatening countries with extremist terrorism, lead by a man named Jason Brody

  31. VenoumusGammer says:

    Can't wait to see how this fits into your cheeky Far Cry timeline. I hope we get Hurk and maybe see The Jackal himself

  32. Dr Spoton says:

    spot on

  33. CosmicRH says:

    And you actually got it the theory right!

  34. seafan25 says:

    can't wait until the game releases and we get xbox 360 graphics

  35. coolmanzee says:


  36. Lisa Gundry says:

    Kyra is the best setting

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